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      Give Him/Her A Chance


There Once Was A Guy You Never Really Talked To Anybody He Was The Person Who Everyone Hated For No Reason

Then One Day He Saw This Girl An Felt Funny He Had Never Felt This Feeling Before Then He Started To Try Talk To Her And She Just Ignored Him He Would Do Alot Of Amazing Things For He Would Buy Her Flowers Make Her Songs But She Still Wouldnt Date Him Then One Night She Comes Up With This Evil Idea To Hurt Him So He Never Bothers Her Again She Asked Him On A Date He Was So Excited She Told Him To Meet Her At The Beach At Twelve Oclock Tonight So He Got Ready And Got There At Eleven Thirty And He Waited Three Hours For Her The Next Day The Beach Was Closed She Ran To Her House To Watch The News There A Boy Who Was Found Dead In The Water There Was A Little Picnik Setup And In The Middle There Was A Letter That Said (Im Tired Of People Hurting I Just Wanted To Be Loved Where Im Going No One Will Ever Hurt Me)


By:Randall Chief


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