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      Love or lust


Carlos and I met during our high school years. Some said that we were too young to be in love. I can now say, from the experiences that Iíve gone through with him that yes, we were too young to be in love

Carlos and I had been going out for two years and two months. At first it didnít seem that long but, after all the arguing the relationship became a drag. I knew that in my heart I cared for him too much, to the point that I changed my life to make him happy. I didnít even have a social life like I had before. Everything I did was to please him. Most of the time I felt as if I was the only one trying in the relationship. He always wanted to be with his friends even when we were together. He didnít have to say much because I could see it in his eyes.

Things between Carlos and me changed when he let his girls come between us. From his mom to his little girls, who would throw themselves at him. My heart could only take so much pain for those moments in time. Soon love turned into hate because of all the things that he had put me through. Right now Iím not sure what will happen to us but I hope that we never cross paths again.

For all the girls out there who are experiencing what Iíve gone through right now, donít let any man make you cry or he is no man at all, heís just a little boy who belongs with little girls. Remember keep your head up high and I know it hurts, believe me, but try and keep your mind on other things.

Nicole L.


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