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      Bestfriends are the best lovers


i got pregnant to my 6 yrs bf when i was 19. so we started since highschool. a lot of struggles that we overcome,family,friends,bitches,haters,financial almost everything. he cheated several times but i give him a lot of chances. when we had a baby almost a year old. i found out that hes still cheating on me and even if im pregnant and were living in the same house. he find ways to flirt with other girls in text,calls,chatrooms,tagged, and who knows maybe he met also a lot of girls while im busy takingc are of our son. I just realized taht ive had enough. i even attempted suicide before because of that acts and now this? now that we have a son already. i broke up with him.. i didnt let him see my son even if its his bday, my sons first bday,christmas and every special occasions. from then ive been a student, a mother ,a daughter and an employee. imagine how did i handle that. months past theres this boy who is my bestfriend since grade school who knows a lot about me. he knows my ups and down. we havent met after my 16th bday. and when we met we knew theres something going on bet us. i didnt take that seriously. but then hes the one who made a move to confess that hes there and hes willing to accept me and my son. yes i sais yes. and were almost 2 yrs now in a rel. and planning to get married next year 2011. im a 22 yrs old girl who just found his destiny a mature,loyal,sweet,understanding and a loving future husband whose been my BESTFRIEND.

bestfriends are the best lovers yes its true. .

i didnt regret that i crossed that boundaries of friendship to more appropriate one. .


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