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      Who knew it could hurt this bad


im 16 and a junior in high school. freshman year i moved to a new school. i met matt in spanish 2nd period . i thought he was so cute and so funny. i remember going to this fencing thing were they showed you what it was all about to see if you wanted to sign up. matt was in fencing at the time and as corrny as this sounds i was going to sign up just get to meet him. ive had probbaly only 2 actuall conversations with him but there was somthing about him . i ended up realzing signing up would be stupid he was way to cool to ever like me anyways.later freshman year me and matt came pretty cool and sat next to eachother in spanish. my friend nicky was really good friends with him so i suggested he invited him to come bolwing with us. that night i realized how much i rly liked him but i knew he didnt like me. a week later he went to a bonfire i was at and to my surprise i learned he liked me. i was so happy. he soon later asked me out. he never had a girlfriend before although i have had many of boyfriends. As crazy as this sound we took almost 3 MONTHS to kiss. i endend up loosing my virginity to him a year later. we broke up two weeks ago after almost 2 years. we were so happy. so in love . i dont understand what happend. we somtimes fought but i thought we love eachother oh well it happens. we were eachoters bestfriends. he broke up with me. and i love him and just want to be with him but he has already moved on and im stuck here suffering crying myself to sleep everynight.


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