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      That day.


Okay i was sitting near this mike and his bestfriend is supper cute. from the moment i laid eyes on him i knew i wanted to be with him. the only problem was he was chassing after some other girl.As time went on i got to know him and i was really falling for him. so one day my friend told me that he had liked me since the begging of school. i wanted to die, i was sitting near him in my next class and i didnt know how to act. so after school he texted me. saying that he really likes me and we talked.for two days in a row we had two seven hour conversations. i really got to know him and the next day was increadible. he came to sit near me and although i was alittle shy it was sweet.that same day after school he texts me and asks me out. i wanted to die and that was 8 months ago. we have been dateing for 8 months and it couldnt be better. from march 11 untill today that day lays in my memory as clear as if it just happned. and everytime i tell the story and hes there he tells me he made the right choice and explaines how much he loves me. it couldnt possibly get better. :]


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