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      An enchanting fact, still appears a dream


Each morning we get up not knowing what's in store for us throughout the day. But we always hope the day will be a good one.

In the same way one good Sunday morning (12 Nov. 2000)I met my first crush, RAZA, in a dance competition organised by my Mom's club. At that point in time I never thought about him so seriously nor did I think that I would meet him again in my life.

But2 2 months later preparations began for the annual function of my Mom's club. It was going to be a dance show being held in the month of March. For this function selected participants of the dance competition were called and one of them was him. I always found him cute and liked him but did not love him. I became very close to the other participants but he was the only one with whom I never spoke. [There's one thing common in us i.e. we both share our feelings to my brother and love him a lot. He is the only one who knows each and everything regarding both of us.]

My brother Bhaiya once told Raza that I liked him and his reply was "FRIENDSHIP". I had no objections and accepted it.

On the 18th of March'2001 he came to my place for a dance rehearsal and that was the day when we became friends. The function was on 23rd. In these 6 days we became very good friends and I realised that I had started loving him. On 23rd when the function was about to end I thought that may be I would not meet him any longer and tears rolled down my eyes. But, God's always there. We met but not very often.

And then a change took place. On the 27th of Jan'02 Bhaiya told me that Raza loved me! I couldn't believe my ears and thought I was dreaming. I felt as if God had given me all the happiness.

On 2nd of March we proposed each other and now I am very happy and thankful to God for giving me a love like Raza. Each time I met him he fell more and more in love with me. I've shared joys and sorrows with him and I pray to God to keep us together.

Although he knows I love him I still want to say I LOVE YOU .

Keep smiling.


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