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ok first off i am 14. people say i am too young for love. but i beleive there is no age limit on love. you can be 8 or 80 to love. ok here it goes

first day back to school we had assigned seats. mine was next to my bff and a boy called callum. he and i became great friends. we knew everything about each other. each others crushes, parents jobs, secrets, everything.. one day he and i were sitting at a tree together. and we were talking bout love. he told me he loved a girl in our class. then it came to who i loved. i could not tell him i loved him. so i said no one. soon after he had to leave for b-ball prac. b4 he went he said ur the best friend i could ever have. then he kissed me on the nose. to him it was just a kiss. to me it was much much more. later that night on msn i told him i loved him. he didnt reply. the next day at school he avoided me. no txt messages. nothing. that went on for a week till i sent him an email asking him wat was wrong, what did i do wrong to deserve this . he replied : Look. Im not mad at u, im mad at myself

i feel that i let u down because i dont like u So im sorry 4 shutting u out. i replied. its k. that night he and i played truth or dare. he asked me if i would ever kiss him. i said yes. he simply replied.. "we will experiment then" the i jst wrote. lol. then he replied i am being serious. the next day on msn i was hoping he would talk bout the kiss. he simply just ranted on about the other girl.... i want him. what can i do.


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