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years ago, i met him, what i did not know was he was a total ass and trouble maker, but i could do nothing but love him. I saw him once, and as they say, "love at first sight", at the time he was with brittany, and all i could think was damnit. A year goes by, i havnt seen him around, self-esteem lowering and my heart cracking. I was thinking i should have known not to just fall in love like that, after all hes a 2-3 years older, but that doesnt stop me from loving him. After that . Year passes, and im all alone in my room at home, my best friend in the whole world,(mckaila) calls me, i answer saying,"hi mckaila" and she says "hi, guess what!", "what!?", "im goin out with james!!" and i reply as quickly as i can "okay well i have to go bye!!!" as i slam down on the end button. My face was wet and cold as the tears run down my face and the pillow was warm and wet pressed to my face to lighten the sound of my screaming. A couple hours later as i lay in my bed with my blackened pillow and face from the mascara i was wearing that day. She had called a few times, the calls i had ignored. A few days later as im sitting in my usual corner crying i hear someone walk in front of me, i look up curiously,and what i found above me is mckailaas cold shadow hovering above me, and she said "whats wrong? You have been hiding in this corner for too long, whaat is going on?" i stood up, feeling weak, i hugged her and whispered in her ear, "im in love with james" and as i said the words slowly, i started to feel regret, and hate, not against her, but against myself and i felt mt heart crack a little bit more.but she understood totally and told me i could have hi and shell ask him out for me after she breaks up with him after school that day.m i thanked with all i had and this horrible love story turned into the best evr. And today, i am still with him, and i hope i always will be. (:


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