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      The day we meet!!


The tale of our start and so on……………………

There once was a school named liberty high school, it was a huge school and many of the students didn’t know each other. Including Simone Richardson and Andrew brusseau, who had no idea they would soon meet, in an unexpected way. It was math class 2009 September 17th, the class started Mrs. Reyes was beginning the lesson, Andrew was turned around talking to Kyle and Simone and Helena were chatting at Simones desk, simone and Helena were talking about sleep over parties and movie theater snack foods, when Kyle said hi to simone, this threw Andrew, unknowing to him that there actually was a person next to him. He turned and finally realized there was a person there. So he turned back to Kyle and asked him who she was, Kyle sighed heavily then explained who she was and that she had been there all year. After Kyle was done explaining randy added in that the girl was his and that he had liked her for years and that she was this close to saying yes (sooooooooooooooooooooooo not true at all, sorry randy but no way in hell) (he wasn’t even in the friend zone then or now) anyway this gave Andrew an idea, he really didn’t like randy and so he decided to make him jealous by flirting with simone , so he turned to her and smiled but she didn’t notice, then when Helena and her were mentioning eating all that food he assumed that simone could eat it herself, and looking at her size he figure FAT CAMP, so he opened his mouth and said “hey did you recently come back from fat camp”. Simone and Helena both got quiet and Helena started laughing out of what was to come. Simone turned to him and slapped him in the face. He was shocked that a tiny girl like that had the power to slap him that hard, then he turned back to Kyle, and Kyle smiled laughing, “Ya that’s great flirting “, Andrew glared at him and turned back to simone and said” ok well I only said that because I heard you and that girl talking about how much you can eat.” Simone smiled sweetly then went back to her conversation. Then Helena added “we have names you know, I’m Helena and this is Simone” Andrew smiled thinking that it would be too easy to steal this girl from randy, and then Simone spoke, “tecnilcogicaly speaking it would be most to impossible for a girl my size to have eaten that all by myself and in normal terms unless I was trained for years I still would not have the stamina to be able to do that, your terms that you called are irrelevant and crude and illogical , so maybe you and your brain ought to think before speaking.” Then with that she stuck out her hand, implying that he should do the same. Andrew stuck out his hand and Simone shook it with only the finger tips. “Nice to meet you“, then she let go of his hand and began to work on the warm up. Andrew though it was weird that she only shook hands with her finger tips , and that jimmy his ghost best friend left whenever he was around simone. He was going to find out though. The next months were him endlessly flirting and Simone not noticing. Andrew was getting frustrated with this. But he kept trying. In December before Christmas break Andrew tried jokes, his various jokes made no since to Simone and there for no laughter came. He tried and tried but failed each and every time, and by then she started her statistically speaking, every time she did that he took his finger and put it under his chin making a gun noise and forming his hand to a gun shape he pretended to shoot herself every time she said statistics, then he asked her out for the first time and she said no you’re not my type plus your younger and I have a boyfriend. But no never stopped he and he continued this for days after days, he continued this behavior through the rest of the school days till they had pottery together and he got a girlfriend, then he decided to ask if they could just be friends and she said I thought we were just friends, and he replayed with a scale on how datable he was to her, she replied with a lie and he got upset and threw a tantrum. By now the flirting had started up again and the old girlfriend dumped he tried again. Within weeks he was abided when she broke up with her boyfriend and this time the flirting between Andrew and Simone was not to piss of randy, Andrew really did like her then. And finally on May 10th at 10:05 am in pottery class Andrew asked Simone out for one more time, and if she said no this time he would never ask again. And when he asked her she said” ok sure when” the bell rang and Andrew and randy stood there in shock, simone walked out planning on talking about it in the last period of the day, randy was so pissed off that day that he hurt his hand smashing his hand into a locker, Andrew stood there for 4 minutes shocked on what she had said and when miss, gemmil asked he told her the whole story. Later that day they made plans for the date Andrew thinking he would fail at this relationship too and lose a really good friend of his. But now 4 months later they are still together happy and completely in love, they celebrated their anniversary this last week


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