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      One friend makes all the difference


She was my friend. Just an acquaintance at first. Then we became closer. We saw each other regularly. We eventually shared our deepest secrets and desires. I shared all but one, my jealousy of her boyfriend.

I said nothing, made no hints. Then she cheats on him, with another of my friends, who was also taken. Instead of telling her my feelings, I reacted with them and became verbally aggressive at the situation, also because I had to keep this secret.

We are slowly drifting apart. I don't hear from her, and I make no efforts anymore. It seemed that all the efforts in the past came from me, if she wants the friendship at least she has to call me. She knows this. I've told her twice. I check my phone every half hour, to see if I've missed a call.

That was a month ago, and now it seems that because of one friend, I've lost a group.


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