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      LOVE IS BLIND..... its blinded me part 1


hi every1...... i just want to update wats going on in my true love story...... after a week i reveived call from him...he feels so loving after read my letter...he told me to wait for another 2 yrs and he promise me will marry me with all his fly n my fly permission.

he said currently he is buzy with his work and his kids who not feeling well for few days... the next day he called me again and talk to me as usual...... he suddenly turn back as before..... i dont know how to explain it but i can feel the love from his voice..its sounded he missing me a lot and he said tat u wouldnt be nothing witout me his kids n his wife...... i can understand him very well.....

today 21.9.2010 he invite me for date after few weeks. so many questons running in my mind to ask him.... today is the day that i waiting for....... i dont know either this day will make my love survive o death....its all on his hand.. if he can make four of us happy i will b with him.........otherwise i break up......... i will update tom wat happen tonite........


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