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      Love really is blind.


My friend and i were talking on facebook, and all of a sudden, she told me her cousin wanted to talk to me. we were talking and later on the next day, my best friend told me, that her cousin liked me, He liked me for who i was, he didnt even know how i looked like. months later my friend has a family party and invites me, he goes and we meet, we were talking and the next day, my friend told me he fell in love with me, and secretly fell in love with him too, my friend said it was awkward so i didnt tell her i loved him, months later we meet again and we fall for each toher again, he decided to add me on facebook, and finally told me for himself that he liked me, and keppt asking if i liked him too, i finally said no. he told me he was crying, so i told him that he didnt let me finish, i told him i didnt like him... but that i was in love with him, he told me he loved me too, my best friend doesnt know, until i finally told her and she laughed, she told me that he really liked me a long time ago. we cant go out bc he lives an hour away. but we secretly dream about it, and if it wasnt for my best friend, we wouldnt have met. i love you, both of you maybe someday, my best friend, will turn into my cousin-in-law, (;


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