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      Lost and Never found.


My name is Vincent and this is my story.

I was 14 at the time in middle school in the 7th grade. I never thought id find love so early in my life, but i guess it happens. I was sitting in my history class bored to death with the lectures the teacher was giving, I heard the door open and i lifted my head form the desk curious to see what was going on. A girl had walked in. She was a new student to the school and class, i just sat there in awe for what i saw was heaven on earth. Her hair was a scarlett river flowing down her back, her eyes green like a sea of grass, and her taned skin seemed like a sandy shore. She was perfect in everyway i could imagine. After class was over i went to the gym and saw her there sitting alone so i took it upon myself to talk to her. Turns out i was her first friend in that school. I felt proud knowing that. Her name was Jessica, she was 14 as well. We talked for days, then weeks and as we came to know eachother and understand one another better we grew closer. She liked the music i did, we both had lots of similer ground in our lives thus far. I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend but i never mustered up the courage to ask. Then one day i just told myself to do it, ask her out on a date. Unfortuantly, the day i chose was they day she moved to another school. i found out by talking to her other friends in the school.

The feelings you get with that special someone is great, it can be created or destoryed in a matter of seconds or it can be lost and never found.


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