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      LOVE IS BLIND..... its blinded me


i just want to share my true love story here....its really painful....its look like crazy but ppl on same shoue like me will understand me n my feelings....

after finish my degree i worked in investment company... first time i entered there is nothing special. after few days there i feel like my bosss likes me... one day he call me to his room n proposed me... that time i just broke up with my ex. after few times he persuade i start to fall on him witout his knowledge. he is a man tat i looking for...he is amazing... he want me as who im. the way he tc me really impressing me. after 1 month he went outstaion. once he return back i told him that i love him and we couple. few days later he avoiding me he wont call me he reply my sms and he scold me if i call him. i just let time go on... but with hope he ll be mine 1 day.. in just 2 months i really love him very much.. in january he told me that he is married with two kids... he want to divorce his wife because he said he cant stand with hers attitude. in feb he told me that his problem with his wife is settled. he told me that he still love me and will marry me in 2 yrs. he dont want let me go, he wants me in his life. love blinded me... i promised him i will wait untill the time i can be with him. in march april may june and july everythings go fine... im really happy i thought im the happiest woman in the world.... the love he shows me is uncondittional. on august i dont knw y suddenly he changed a lot... he called me once week and came to meet me 2 weeks once. when i asked him he said that he is busy with his work. and ask me to wait untill every problem settle. i sent him sms... he wont reply.... i sent him letter no response from him at all. now today 17.8.2010 i just received a sms from him that he got problem to settle n will cal me soon. im alone here... i dont knw what is going on there.. may be he is avoiding me? or just take advantage on me? i dont get the better answer for my life...... my life wouldnt be nothing with out him. but is he feel same like me? i really cant take him from my head.only god can give me the answer... love blinded me..


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