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      World against me


My name is Robert and i am 18 years old. About 5 months ago i met this girl who is 17 and was more beautifull than i could ever imagine, perfect in everyway.Iv never been in love before but i fell for her instantly.She became my first love. We are perfect for each other, same names and all.She was my dream come true.We began dating 2 months after i we met.Everything seemed perfect, life was amazing.She is my heart and i am her armor and id destroy anyone whoed try to harm her. I had finally found happiness.Her parents found out bout me and thats when everything went downhill. They want let us see each other anymore except for 4 hours a week at church. Her parents want her away from, want me out her life. Its been like this for the whole 3 months weve been dating.I love this girl to death and would give my all for her. Iv tried to do everything possible to get her parents to like me, form writing a letter to them to going to college to improve my image and support her, but still its not enough. Them 4 hours a week i get to see her are the best hours of my life but even that is being taken away from me. Iv been told by a majority of the church that i dont need to be holding her while im there and to put space between me and her. But what am i sopposed to do when the one i love is being kept from me. My heart feels shattered because not only can i not spend time with her her parents are trying to get her together whith her ex. what happens when ur love becomes the main source of a pain. Let her go would be like dieing and i cant do it. Its so hard when ur so powerless to do anything and your own friends and family are trying to pull you apart from the one you love. My worst fear is losing her but what am i to do when everyone seems to be against me and everybreath feels like its gunna be my last.....why is the world against me???


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