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In a crowd ,one may shine out of all other individuals to make you laugh ,happy ,amused, fascinated and etc. But is he or she a nice person?

I want to share a story happened in my friend’s life. Raghini(not her real name) is a friend of mine since 1st year of college. She is a very good friend, as months passed by, we became best friends.

Basically she would share anything personal problems that she is facing to me and my other friends who were also best buddies for her.

As what i recall, Raghini is a very quiet person, emotional, hard to approach, and hardworking, smart and pretty.

And the story starts like this. There was this person in my batch by the name Harshan (not his real name),who can be categorised as the notorious group members in my batch. He is very loud, quiet a funny guy and outspoken. We consider this group to be ‘notorious’ cause they are type who don’t do homework, get last in the batch, fail almost all papers, disturb and flirt with girls when they walk pass, sleep during lectures, cursing the lecturers with language which lecturers are not familiar of, every weekend they get booze, vomit around hostel hall ,rooms and corridors, make fun of everyone in the batch and the list just goes on.

But this group consisting of 7 members, survived the final examinations semester after semesters (except one, he dropped half way).

Harshan was an outstanding character, he shines in the crowd, and he knows the tricks. He makes people laugh, almost all of them. All presentations, during gatherings, we can say that somehow people will notice him. After all, nobody knew what was lurking behind these entire attractive images that he portrayed.

And back to my friend; Raghini. One fine day, she told me that Harshan had been messaging her for some time. At first, i didn’t take it very serious but everyday she started talking about him.

And finally we got to know that Raghini really like Harshan. She told us the whole story how this guy approached her and why she started liking him. As all my other friends agreed wasn’t really convinced about this guy Harshan. But what to do...every individual has the right to like someone and fall in love. I didn’t say much except i asked her to be careful of her moves. I didn’t worry much as I know Raghini is a smart girl.

Two weeks later we got to know that both of them are together. We were happy for her. She brought her new boyfriend for dinner with us and everybody was fine with him.

You know as usual, everybody has their own work to do--lectures,studies,assignments,presentations,lab time just went by . After about two months, we noticed that Raghini was no more the person she was. She always look worried, no smile on her face, looked depressed. When we asked about it,she told that she has some problems with Harshan.

We didn’t interfere in her problems as it was too personal besides just gave her moral support.

Weeks after that, we saw Raghini going out with Harshan’s friend; Naveen. And Harshan was happy and fine with it.

I was really surprised to see this, and questioned her about it. She told me that she had a terrible misunderstanding with Harshan and found that he is not the right person for her. And Naveen was very supportive during this period of misunderstanding. She is comfortable and feels secured being around him, so they decide to be together. At this point i knew something was going on but since it was finals around the corner, didn’t concentrate much on this problem.

After holidays, guess what? We saw Raghini with another friend of Harshan and Naveen—Karthik.

I was really worried about this. Her best friends including me confronted her about this, as we noticed that she was portraying some bad image. When he questioned her, she told us a similar story that she told me, saying that Naveen caused some trouble, they broke up and she needed a shoulder, she claims that Karthik was there for her. At this point, we could do anything as she was not listening to us her best friends and we noticed she wasn’t comfortable when we questioned her.

Although it was disappointing, one of my best friends became like this, i had to continue my life, sometimes just sit and ponder about what happened. She kept away from us.

After 3 weeks, we noticed that Raghini didn’t turn up for classes for days. When I contacted her mobile, her mother answered. She told us that Raghini has been hospitalised back in her hometown.

Immediately i called Karthik and asked him if he knows about it. He refused; he claimed that both of them stopped contacting each other.

I inform all my best friends, and on that night itself we drive to her hometown. Next morning we reached her place, went to the hospital and guess what...she was admitted in the psychiatric ward.

It was really sad to see her like that. She could recognise us, she cried loud when she saw us as if she saw her father. That incident really touched me; it hurts until today thinking about it.

I was quite close to Raghini’s mother. Asked her what happened, she told me some shocking news.

Raghini attempted suicide thrice. And according to her mum, the doctor told that Raghini is pregnant..(they were planning to abort)..her mother told me this as she was shedding tears.

Oh God! I never imagine all these things would happen. Raghini is a like little sister to me. I couldn’t see her like that.

After the visit, we drove back to our college cause the next day we had important practical.

On my way back, alot of incidents crossed my mind. I know for sure this was something regarding her relationships; i was planning what to do when i get back.

The next morning, i went straight up to Hari, one of the members of the notorious group,told him that i want to talk to him during lunch which he agreed. This guy Hari, he is not really that bad, can say that he is stuck in between in that group, i have noticed good qualities in him before.

I met him during lunch and told him what happened to Raghini. Hari was taken aback hearing what happened. I asked him if he knows anything about this and he told some REALLY SHOCKING story—

It seems HARSHAN, NAVEEN, KARTHIK, ANAND (another guy in the group) always do this...they have a technique to sleep with the girls of their choice.

What they do is, one of the guys will get close to an innocent girl, make her to fall in love with him, and go out with her. After some time,he tried his luck to sleep with the girl, if the girl gives in, he takes his chances and use her up. After he get satisfied with her,he purposely creates unnecessary problem with her and uses sharp words on her and make her to hate him. And this point, his another friend from the same notorious group, calls her and consoles her. Knowing that she is undergoing depression and hard times , and she will simply fall for anyone who is there for her, this new guy sweet talk and make her to hate previous guy and fall for him.

And the same story continues,the 2nd guy also tries the same thing,he will try his luck to sleep with her and after this is done,he uses the same method to get away from her and let the 3rd guy to have his chance. Its a circle which goes on until all the members sleep with her. It seems it only goes up to 3 person to sleep with a girl realises what is really happening. And the disgusting part is that these guys help each other to do it.

Poor Raghini fell for these idiots and lost her life. Almost everyone in my batch knows the entire story. When she got to know this; she tried to end her life after realising no one was truthful to her in the entire relationships.

All the above incidents happened 5 years back,but why i am writing this now??....

Cause i saw Raghini yesterday, she is married and has a 6 months old baby boy. Managed to go dinner with them. And here is the twist in this whole story..... Her husband (kavin)is one my best friend from the same batch.

It hit my mind, the husband knows everything that happened to her and still he married her. I was too curious, a slowly asked him as we were very close during our college days.

He told a beautiful thing...he liked Raghini from the 1st day of college. But he never told anyone. When Raghini was with Harshan, Kavin quietly moved away even it was hurting him. A heart full of words untold –kept for years, my god!i really respect him.KAVIN was a very quiet guy in my batch...looks lost always,but he is of the top students in the batch. But he is not an attention seeker like Harshan. IN A CROWD, IF HARSHAN WAS THE MIDDLE, KAVIN IS ALWAYS A GUY AT THE LAST CORNER OF THE CROWD,QUIETLY SEEING WHATS HAPPENING.

(this is what happening to almost all the girls who loses their virginity and lives to some idiots...YOU GIRLS FAIL TO LOOK AT THE GUY IN THE CORNER WHO REALLY LOVES YOU, BUT YOU PEOPLE CHOOSE TO LIKE THE GUY IN THE MIDDLE WHO HAS BAD ,DISGUSTING ATTITUDE. ) –a guy who stand out in the crowd and make you laugh, doesn’t mean he is going to do that for your entire life, it’s that chances they take to impress you which is not permanent, it’s short-lived. –someone like Harshan.

Go for long term happiness. One who can keep you happy your entire life is a person who treasures you from far, give in for your happiness even though it hurts for himself. One who wiling to accept you even after knowing your ‘dark’ past histories----someone like KAVIN.

To all my sisters out there, be careful about what happening around you. Choose the right person.


HARSHAN----heard he got married and divorced last year, and lost his left leg in an accident. Currently he is a rehab centre run by Raghini’s husband. ----NO JOKE! TRUE LIFE STORY, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET!

NAVEEN—got caught for pushing drugs at Thailand border.




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