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At the end of my sophmore year i met this boy camilo, he was daiting my friend and i was dating this guy(just the thought gives me chills). Well him and his girlfriend broke up and me and my ex broke up. So me and him sarted to be really close and ended up to be best friends. wow he is an amazign person when we were becoming friends i knew that there was something diffrent about him and i started really liking him alot. Its like my heart told me from the beginnig how i feel about him and i didnt want to believe it . well my birthday passed and three days later i cudnt take it anymore i had to tell him how i felt so i asked him out and he said no because i was his best friends and if we ever broke up he wudnt want to loose me i understood were he came from but it broke my heart because i loved him . i love him since before we started going out and only later on is were i realized it well that same day about an hour later he texed me say he did want to be with me and he did want to try and risk it . and wow every day every second i fell more and more and more in love with with . hes that kind of guy that a girl dreams about when she is 7 years old hes so perfect hes romantic and loving and careing and everything that i cud ever have asked for. well he had our up and downs i broke up with him we got back together.

But one thing is i regret i lied to him saying that i was sick and i wasnt from then on our relationship really made a turnning point we argue more we get on eachothers nerves more he doeesnt want to be with me all da time he doesnt miss me like he used to he even stopped being romantic . I rele hurt him and i will always have that scar in my heart because he always has been so good to me and so true. he forgave me but things havent been the same. because of me things r they way they r and everytime i think about it icry and i want to punish my self because if i hadnt done that he would be so much happier with me and love me so much more and want to be with me and wudnt be able to wait to c me he used to even talk about marrying me and he wanting to be wid wife and wake up and go to sleep everynight with me but now if i even touch on the sun=bject he dopesnt want to talk about he changes the subject now he says well c.

that rele hurts me because for me i cant wait for the day that we get married and i can cook for him take care of him actually be there for him always.

we are still together and everyday i try my hardest but its just not the same anymore and y because of me. my advice to you guys and girls is if u rele love that person adn want to be with them always be honest and true dont lie never cheat and no matter what it is always tell them .

now my only wish and dream is that one day i can make him love me more and more hust by looking at me i can make him miss me and wanting to be with me to hug me and i just hope that one day he can say ur the girl that i want to be my wife . i know he loves me hes still with me after what i did and that just proves to u how rele and truly amazing he rele is .

Baby im so sorry for everything i put u thro for hurting u . i want to hopefully one day be the same way we used to be i love you so much and i cant imagine my heart not being ur and urs not being mines i wud die if i dont have ur touch ur smell ur laugh ur voice ur heart. amd so sorry for eveything and i hope that one di ay u can trusdt me again . and know amor that i never lied to again and never will and im trying my best to make u the happiest man in the world and the guy that says look that my girlfriend and be proud of me .

ull always be always and forever in my heart A.N.F.E( always n for ever)


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