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      Bump On The Road


When i was 16 i met a special girl that would change my life forever. Instant connection. We dated for 2 motns before i asked her to be my girlfriend. On Christmas it became official. From then on We were so amazing. Unseperable. She would always want to be with me every day..vice versa. We dated for almost 2 years until i was being stupid. In our relationship i asked for breaks which at the time didnt know that severely hurt her. i regret it everyday. We would eventually get back together. Until one day, she didnt come back. I Was seriously heart broken and depressed. Thats when i realized i had the best thing in the world. I miss her and i miss everything. True love it indeed was. Im 17 about to turn 18 real soon. She has another boy now. hes a loser. But shes happy. I beat myself up everyday that i let our love go. it was 100% preventable. But i still have hope. I always say to myself that this phase were going through is just a bump on the road..


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