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      If only he could see what we could be.


i still rember i was in the 8th grade at the time and my best guy friend was in 7th. i had met him when i was in 7th. we were on the same bus together. we were bestfriend. we could tell eachother everything. but i feel in love with will. he would flirt with me but i had a boyfriend and he had girlfriend. i had to get a boyfriend to cover up from people thinking i liked him. he would tell me every day that we would be friends forever. then the summer came. we didnt talk. we saw eachother once. we hugged, saied hey and went our seperate ways. the next year on the bus we were best friends again.he dumped his girlfriend the night before school started. the next day on the bus when he found out i had a boyfriend. he asked another girl out. so we were both taken. i still didnt feel right about the situation. i felt he only got a girlfriend becuase i was taken. we only had 2 days of school then a 4 day weekend. during that four day weekend i broke up with boyfriend because i knew will needed to tell me something. i broke up with him on friday. on sunday night will and his girlfriend had a big fight. he was telling me this on the bus monday morning. i felt bad but he never gave me a chance to tell him im single. we were almost to school and he kissed me on the forhead and said alyssa your the best, you will find something special very soon. your the only one i ever wanted. and in that exact time the bus got into an accident. will died right infront of my eyes. i had a broken arm. i cried and cried. he was my tue love and i knew that ever since he looked in my eyes the first day we met. at his funeral they read something from one of wills binder from school. it said.

the way she laughs, the way her eyes sparkle in the sun.shes just perfect. i always loved her. i was just to shy to tell her. tommorow morning i will tell her i love her and leave her a note in her jacket pocket...hoopefully she says yes.

i reached into my jacket pocket pulled out the note and it said

alyssa.your the love of my life. your an amazing girl. i loved you since the first day we met nd i will never stop. i was way to shy to ask you out in person so while i kissed you on the foorhead and said i love you i put this in your pocket. alyssa will you be my girlfriend and one day marry me


tears started poring out of my eyes i knew i lost him forever and i will never love someone like him.


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