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      The Worst Of... The Best Of!


When i was in the fourth grade i had a friend named Bryan. Bryan was an extremely shy little boy, i hardly remember him talking at all. However even as a grownup i somehow still managed to recall what his voice sounded like, he sort of mummbled when he talked and i can picture him clear as day. He flashed a somewhat crooked smile when i passed and said hello, had dark black hair and dark eyes. After elementary school we went on to middle school.. and then high school, I saw my friend a couple times throughout the years but we were strangers.

I met a boy while in high school with whom i fell in love with. We dated all through high school and then got married in December of 1989. We had a great life, had four beautiful kids together, We had it made. Life could not get any better. Still sometimes i thought about my old friends, i didnt get out often and moved quite a ways away from where i grew up, I wondered about my friend Bryan, wondered whatever happened to him, where was he living what was he doing with his life?

A dream i had dreamed for as long as i can remember turned out to be a horrible nightmare after about 9 years of marriage. My husband was an extremely jealous man and his jealousy just kept getting worse. Thats what i dealt with for awhile, until one day, a jeaousy fit turned into a shove, then a slap every now and then..Then a kick, you get the idea. Thinkin i had somehow done something wrong to set him off, i excused his behavior. I excused it for years..I wasted 18 years of my life with this monster. My family never knew a thing, as far as friends and family was concerned we were the perfect couple. I hid my pain well, until i just couldnt hide it any longer. That day i drove to my parents house and broke my silence to them, my parents watched me break down and they held me while i uncontrollably cried in their arms,. I exhausted myslef and fell asleep on the sofa for a few hours.

When i returned home, i had the courage to tell my husband it was over. I expected he would grab an ax and kill me, instead he packed his clothes and left. While he was away, he attended church every Sunday, he was taking an anger management course and was also in rehab. He would take the kids to rehab with him once a week, occasionally asked if i wanted to come along, my answer was always no. I was glad he was making an effort to better himself but had no intention on getting back together with him. Six months later, he decided he wanted to move back home. So naturally i packed up and left.

Living on my own was very challenging, i had no one to depend on but myself. I did that for 2 years, and i struggled,. Boy did i struggle! My parents went to visit me one day and just like that, swooped me up and brought me back home, back to the house i grew up in. I got a job almost right away. While at work one day, i met a girl who coincidently went to my high school. We became instant buddies. I told her my story, and how i ended up back home. Although i was finally in a good place, i still fell into a deep depression every once in a while. She had a solution and let me in on a little secret of hers..FaceBook! We laughed about it and talked about old friends and she suggested i get on facebook too. Weeks passed and she wondered why i was continuing to ask about old friends but hadnt opened up a facebook account of my own. "Ask them yourself", she would say. So finally i took her up on it and.. Two days later! Theres a message from my friend Bryan. "Are you the same girl i went to elementary school with? i hope its you" Little did i know that one message would be the start of the dream i had waited for all my life! Me and Bryan met up a short time after, became the best of friends! 5 months later the best of friends fell in love,. And almost a year later, i know the BEST is yet to come! Bryan you are My Superman!


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