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My name is Audrey, I started dating a guy back when I was 15. I was just done with 10th grade and I was running around looking for love like a maniac. I felt that, it would complete me. I started dating him and we became very close. We both lost our virginities to eachother and everything. He was my bestfriend and I wanted to be with him forever.

After a year, things started to change and girls all of a sudden wanted him. Despite our love, he broke up with me. I was so hurt, i would cry until i vomited every night. I even tried to kill myself but it didnt work. I was going insane.

I flew to Connecticut for a month over the summer, hoping things would be best for my senior year with me not talking to him. Unfortuanetly, he began to text me and tell me all the things I wanted to her. I was so vulnerable and gullible, i believed him. We continued an intimate relationship but he begged me not to tell anyone that we went out. I obeyed his command in hopes he would give in and ask me back out. In the mean time, I would have sex with guys I knew, hoping they would like me too just in case my ex didnt.

Around the end of my senior year, things got distant again. I was hurt but my feelings werent as strong as they were the previous year but I still loved him. I found out he was talking to a girl from my class and that crushed me. I decided to try to stay away from him.

Summer of 2010, I met a guy at a college class I was taking. He was sooo nice to me and eventually asked me out. We dated but while we did, I couldnt get my ex off my mind. A month later, the guy I met in college dumped me.

Now, it is September and I am in my 1st month in college. I am dealing with a broken heart and I feel like im going insane. I dont know what to do with myself and I feel like sleeping and crying all the time. My ex has a new girlfriend(the girl from my class) and he wont talk to me AT ALL. He even blocked me from Facebook and my ex from college deleted me off facebook. Idk what to do and I am completely crushed. Im not myself anymore.

I hope no girl has to experience the pain I went through and am going through. Love isnt supposed to make your crazy. When love hurts, It wont work.


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