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we had been together bearly 3 months we started during the school year..we were the best & happiest couple in the world we would be together 24/7 i loved him and he loved me..people would try to brake us up but that never happend we loved eachother to much for somebody to brake our relation ship..

summer came and we were no longer gonna be able to see eachother until next year..that was sad to think of on the days before the last day of school were sad to think that we were no longer gonna be able to see eachother..when the last day of school got here at the end of the day we said our last goodbye..

when summer started we still had alittle bit of communication then there was one day that he told me he was gonna go to el salvador and that totally broke my heart i didnt know what to do we were no longer gonna have communication at all..he left for the whole summer and came back at the begining of the school year..

on the first day of school i saw him & i ran up to him i hugged him i was really happy to see him..i asked him if he still loved me and he said he haded to go to his class and he left..on my phone i had a text from him saying that he wasent sure if he still had feelings for me..that made me feel so bestfriend told me he broke up with me but he had not told me anything he texted me again and said "i dont love you" that made my day go upside down i loved him alot..

since that day we have not talked we see eachother and he seems like if i was no one..i cant forget about him i love him to much to forget about him he means the world to me..

i have heard from some friends that he likes this other girl but some people say he still loves me i would do anything to get him back and to be happy again:(


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