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      Best friends are best lovers...


i was at my first year that time..when i fall in love with my best friend..but the thing is that..we love each other but we both didnt got the chance to even confess about it..i left him at iloilo city..cause i was told by my parents to school in manila..years later..when i got back in iloilo my girl friends told me about the stories untold before..hehehe of course..its about that jiggy my bestfriend when i left for manila bought a guitar..and that guitar symbolizes me..i told him before that i love persons that could play was a turn on for me..then when we got to see each other on our school..he had his girlfriend..and so was i..i felt something that time and it made me realize something..that i still do love him badly..but guess i have nothing to do..then after that meeting we have not seen each other again for a long time again..then recently we have seen each other and when my girl friends asked me to attend their acquaintance party i saw him with his band..and i found myself staring at him while singing the song we used to sing together..after that singing and all..he stepped into me and asked me if we could talk.. of course i did say yes..and when we talked he asked me why did i left him with out even informing him,..i told him do i have to..he said yes im your bestfriend right??i told him no.. youre not..whaaattt??he reacted are not my best friend..i dont consider us bestfriends..cause you are the one that i love..more than what you think i loved you..thats why i dont want you to be hurt of me leaving..i wanted you to continue your life..and when the time comes that we met and the feeling is still the same..then well see..gosh!!he smiles and hugged me.right then we just find ourselves in love again with eachother..and that night was perfect..lesson: dont hesitate to confess your feelings..because you might regret the most of it if you are not given that chance again as i do have with jiggs so for you who read this..go and let your feelings be feel..stay in love!!!


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