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      Love Found in Random


I thought I would find the right person to love, but I was unsuccessful. So I gave up.

When I started university, I had no plans of finding someone, and felt that I was there to finish a degree. I met many "guy friends" since my major is computer science, but no boyfriend. I started to like one of the friends I met, and I thought they would like me back. Until I stumbled randomly on a guy named Viktor, and it changed everything.

Viktor was a geeky guy, like all computer science students, average-looking guy, but very friendly. He found me, working away at a computer for an assignment. The first few meetings were short since I was in a hurry. We did finally had a nice chat to get to know each other, and blossomed into a new friendship.

<p> We went on a couple dinners, and spent more time getting to know each other. What I did not know was he was already thinking of asking me out. Then at one night before I went home, he asked if I would go on a date with him. I was unsure, but I still said yes anyway. During the ride home, I kept on asking myself if we were good for each other. What have I done? I sent him a text message on his cell phone if he was serious, but he replied that he would not have asked if he wasn`t.

Slowly but surely, it clicked in to me. Our humble beginnings were very similar. We both came from foreign countries, trying to have a better life. Throughout our relationship, we made new friends, and had some good laughs. He also told me that he gave up on looking for someone too, until he found me. He asked his best friend, Rob, if he would go on a date with me, but at that time I had a cold sore. Rob said that he should, but he deserves someone better. However, he did not follow the advice given by his best friend, and followed his gut.

We both know that it is going to be hard in the beginning, but it will be worth it in the end. He began to fall in love with me, 2 weeks into the relationship. It was a shock to me, but I do love him too. 2 months later, during a rainy day, I got a surprise of my life, which was his proposal to me to be his wife. To my surprise, I said yes.

We are happy together, and very optimistic of what the future hold. Until this day, we are hoping for a wonderful future together.



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