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      One Sided Love


Well i started going out with this guy when i was 16 it didnt work out well as i was not very interested in him,so we broke up in like two weeks.

After a year we started going out again and this time i liked him a lot but he was only going out with me so that he could get me back for what i had done to him. So he dumped me in two weeks.

Since then i have wanted him back but he just hates me and i love him soo much. He swears at me, tells his mates to say stuff to me when i see him in the street. He laughs and says stuff about the way i look. No matter what he has said to me i have still had the same feelings for him. Not even a day goes by without thinking about him.

I dont know what to do, I have tried bieng in a relationship with different a guy but still use to think about my love. Sometimes when i see him and his on his own i see him looking at me from the corner of his eyes and it just makes me think he has got feelings for me to but he just dont seem to show them either because his shy or embarassed.

Sometimes i wonder why he takes mick out of the way i look because the first time i got two know him he was the one who use 2 be crazy about me and he noticed me first! I really dont understand what is going through his mind but i would love to know.

No matter what he has put me through i still have the same feelings for him and i would accept him no matter what, even if was blind or phsyically disabled or watever. I just want him :(


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