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      What Could Never Be


My ex and i had been together since the begining of high school. We have always been off and on though. It started off with us been friends and our our friendship blossomed. I made him my everything he text me good morning and held me close and told me everything was gonna be ok even if it wasant. He was perfect. We broke up at christmas and he went out with another girl i was heartbroken. He then cheeted on her with another girl. I was gob smacked that wasent the same boy i loved. The girl dumped him. He beat his self up over it for months. We went back out. I thought I could make everything better. It was going good and then he just dumped me by text.. he expected me to be ok about it as were always off and on but i wanted us to stay together. We havent talked since and that was over 2 years ago. I miss him so much. He wasent just my bf he was my friend as well.I had though i had lost him forever.

Im 17 and fate has blessed me we are back together maybe it is meant to be if only life was that straight forward. I have enlisted to join up into the armed forces.This is my life and what i have always wanted but in doing so i could lose him again... I cant just expect him to wait around for him can I


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