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      Impossible love


He made me happy and complete what else could i asked for.his name was Jared Provencio he was very atractive and romantic.ive always been the type of person who is scared to show there emotions.but when i was with him he opened my mind it sometimes scared me how comfortable i was with him thats how i knew he was different.We started dating i was 16 and he was our first date we went to the movies and we went to eat at mob towns pizza best pizza.our conversations grew deeper and he started telling me how beautiful i was and that he really liked me a lot.ive never really dated much since im always busy with work and i was shocked to hear this.we started to see each other almost everyday.and he took my virginity and while it was scary it was amazing.he made me feel so good.then at work there was this new guy who i had to train and he was a really flirty type of guy.and everytime we started cleaning he always rubed against me but it startef happening all the time he was also very jared heard from his friend that i was cheating on him wich was a me and him started to grow apart and he started going to college we only talked on the phone and we saw each other every one night while we were closing the store matt grabed me from the waist and he shoved his tongue on my mouth and jared saw us.and he has never let me explain i love him so much and i do miss him.but 3 yrs later he got married with my xbest friend.and there going to have a baby soon.i nevet got a chance to explain...:( it hurts a lot to see him with someone else the pain is geting worser


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