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      The courage we know


The courage I know, could anyone ever commence to understand? Everyone walks around in my shadows never knowing never hearing my story, yet always under my feet.

True beauty is only revealed when souls understand, most will never develop eyes for it, and others fear it. There is torcher in the way he shows it to me. When he lets me feel his face, the serenity became my personal purgatory. Now his absence my private devastation. His living past blinds his view, dominating his decisions. What future tribulations this brings. I will never revel my sorrow. My message will never be heard.

In time a different path will show me another way, but the beauty I have seen in him is simply irreplaceable and what I felt in his touch will always linger in my head like a melody never forgotten. I still believe the same care that inspires me may one day reveal itself again, may this chance take time and open the eyes of the blind and may he realize his understanding of the courage we know.

By: Alyssa J. lannutti


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