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      Will I ever get my chance?


A long distance friendship with so many possibilities has turned into an awkward sort of friendship through no fault of my own.

When I was 1,000 miles away we had the best talks, told each other about everything going on and were in constant contact. We were able to arrange a couple of visits and they were fantastic.

Once it was certain that I would be able to move he started pulling away. While he was a part of the reason for the move he was not the MAIN or ONLY part. I hoped we could build on what we had started and see where it went.

A month after we last saw each other he decided he was ready to try a relationship again after having been divorced for three years. Then he promptly found someone on the internet and is still dating her six months later.

We see each other at least weekly. We still e-mail and text. I am not sure if he sees me as an obligation (because he helped convince me to move here instead of somewhere else), a friend, a backup for when his relationship ends, or if he cares too much and got scared enough to not want to try.

I cannot say that I love him because I never had the chance to find out. I like him and I was hoping to explore that. I know I could seriously like him if given the chance.

We share so much and have so many things in common that most people think we are dating already. That only makes it more frustrating that he is seeing someone who he seemed to pick specifically because she had no interest in a huge part of his life. His original description of her was - She is cute and she is nice.

Am I expecting too much to want to try and see where it would go with someone who seems made for me?


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