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      A mistake never to be forgotten that i wouldnt change


my story is one that was a huge mystake but one that my only regret is how it ends. i was in a chatroom called woome. in the web site you can send friend requests nudges messeges do a live video web chat and become friends with people around the world. in this event i had made a friend that lived in new jersey. we were friends and he was very attractive. i sent him a message that said my phone nummber in it and i wanted him to text me. we were really good friends but i thought that he was streight and im bi and he was 22 and i was 14 i knew that my feelings were never going to be a reality i text him for a month and then we started to send pictures to eachother. he was amazing and then i asked him if he liked me and i didnt hear back from him for a while then i said that i was really sorry for asking and he didnt reply until the next day but for that night i cried because i thought that it was a good thing that we were friends and that i screwd it up. i was asleep finally and then in the morning i turneed on my phone and found that i had a message from mac (thats him) when i read it all hope was alive again he said i am very much attracted to you and im bi for you do you like me? i jumped in exitment then responded yes. from then on not even the worst of things could affect me because i had him. we would text whil i was in class and he was at work. i would go to the bathroom and text him. i was always so happy to hear from him. because we were so far from eachother we sent pictures all the time. he had a snake piercing thing were he had his bottom lip pierced in two different spots. it sounds wierd but so sexy on him. he would send picture of his face and they made my day like 109% better. he then started sending pictures of him shirtless and omg i just wanted to jump through the phone and grasp him in my arms and have him hold me till the nights sky ended and day breack would awaken me from a dream. we were in love and i couldnt believe that my first relationship was going so good. at our three month anniversery he began asking if we could do sexting and as tempted as i was i knew that it wasnt a good idea because thats what i was told my entire life.he was sad but he didnt presure me at 4 months he seemed to be getting a liittle less enthusiastic with us. after a couple of weeks i just needed him to want me again so our 5 month anniversery i broke my promise to everything i was told and i took a picture of myself with nothing but a smile on and sent it with a message saying i trust you, i love you , this belongs to you so heres to the beging of our 5 month anniversery happy anniversery . he then told me how good it felt to see me in a way that was secret from everyone else. he then returned the favor and man i felt lucky to have someone like him. on our 7 months we changed to video and then on 8 we did a mixture. the day that my world came crashing down was when i was at my sisters drill meet for ROTC.he was talking to me and then stopped and in the middle of one of the drills i get a text saying i am a dad and i have a 4 yearold daughter. my heart was like when fire meets ice. a split went through my heart. i stood up and said i had to go to the bathroom. he started to explain and then i asked who is the mom in this situation up to date? i didnt care enough to break up with the man of my dreams if she was not in the picture anymore. he called me sso i went out side and then he ripped out my heart and pounded on the crack he made until he shattered it. he told me that he was a family with them and that they all lived togeither. he said that he wanted to get a divorce so that he could be free to be with me. i stopped him there and said not only when i thought that this couldnt get anyworse but it has your married! we argued for a long time and then he said i dont know why you cant move past this i told you im getting a divorce and when you graduate im going to move out there and we can be togeither he said i accepted you when you said you were 14 and when you said you wouldnt sext me so i think you need to take moment and talk to me later.he hung up and left me alone on the line in sshock that i actually started to feel that this was my fault. i went back in just in time to see my siser.i often lose my phone and this time i lost it for like 2 weeks when i found it i text him that i was ok with everything and that i was sorry he text back its to late you didnt text or call me until now so we are done have fun being alone and i wont have to tell my wife and child about how i was going to leave now. good bye and dont ever text or call me again or i will report you for sending the first nude picture. good bye jake. i stood there in aw for a long while and then went to my room and let tears glide and fall down the side of my broken and alone in world of hearache and pain but the thing is i wouldnt be who i am today without that expieriece im 17 and have been with the best girlfriend i could have ever had. i sometimes think about him and how i wish things haqd turned out differently but im free and i hope that to who ever reads this story like the story and truth of it. kelsey knows that i was bi and knows that i love her fully but she doesnt know about mac and i dont want her to because it was a mistake i made that brought me to kelsey so i wouldnt change a thing about it thank you for listening bye :)


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