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It was the perfect relationship, i served ice cream an met a girl i couldnt take my eyes off of. She came in at least once a week an id try to serve her everyime an make small conversation. She noticed id stare cause her lil sis noticed, then one day she told me she was sad she thought i quit an i asked asked why sad, she said she thought i was cute.we went out an told me that she couldnt fall in love cause she was moving to san francisco. I couldnt bear losing her. i held her for hours an told her no matter how far she is im goning to try. So for two yrs i drove down every other week an we were best friends in love an we grew to know an love each other every visit. leaving to go back to sacramento would break me. she was my escape. but long distance is so hard for anyone. her end of high school was months away an i couldnt come down cause i saved up for a ring an planned proposing on her prom night in front of the fairmont hotel at the fountain at the park we played at a year ago. But my absence left us wit fighting, she didnt know i was building up for asking her to marry me. i didnt mean to make her cry but i was stressed out frm work home the distance an our trust issues wit me seeing friends. She didnt call or text me back for a week, i lost my way an lost the girl i never knew i could ever love as much as i did.6months later i cant bring myself to moving on.i wont love another like that again an so i choose to be alone but this hurts way to sucks learning the hard way. i havent got angry or acted like that a-sh-le since then, an promise to never show anger in front of a lady again,an pray she is happy even without me, il always be hers even if she isnt mine.


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