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      My own demons...


I have my own demons to fight off�..out of my mind�I can�t start taking yours on too. It kills me inside to think that when you�re in bed with me�you�re actually thinking of her�.don�t get me wrong a part of me�a big part really appreciates it�because I can put myself in your shoes�.and I sort of am in your shoes�.so I know how hard it can be to share something like this with somebody else. I know all these dots are kind of bugging�but it�s my way of separating my thoughts. Sometimes, most of the times, I think that talking with me about her is helping you get over it, and maybe�just maybe it means you trust me enough�kind of a way you�re telling me you want me close�..that�s why you want me to know.

All these words� me, you, her�words that are not supposed to be on the same page�.let alone in the same sentence�words that I didn�t even noticed until now. Me �.you�her�..

It�s strange how I wrote you in the middle�.without even thinking of it�maybe it�s a sign of my selfishness�.or a sign that you�re stuck in between�I know I feel like it!

This was supposed to be a letter (e-mail) to the one close to my heart� but I didn�t find enough strength to send it�so this is the way I found to share my worries�.English isn�t even my first language�but I find it�s easier for me to relieve myself.


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