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okay i was 15 years old. i was in new york, brooklyn the summer of 2008 with my dad. my mom has a boyfriend & he has three sons, at the time one was 14 one was 15 & the other one was 17. so me & my mom live in florida. so i got back and for a week i noticed her boyfriend & his sons lived here. the 15 year old (we can call him jay,] jay & i have alot in common we went to the same school & he seems like a good guy, he seems real different, he helps me with alot he tells me im pretty & holds me whenn im upset. but my problems was that he is my moms bf son. & that we live toqether.

this has been going on for a about 2 years now. we are both 17, yes i can say i love him i know im young but he is just, idk i cant explain how i feel about him in words. but one day when the 17 year old( his brother/call him teddy who is now 19] he some how thought i liked him. every one was outside, family & friends i qraduated this year, i started school early. but anyway teddy just started talking to me, he said he knew about me & jay & that i would have to pay him to keep it a secret. i asked him how i would have to pay him nd he started to nibble on mah ear. i fet very uncomfterble.

teddy continued use me for his sexual desires, every chance he qot he would force me to do anythinq with him. its to the point where i shut down, i got quiet, i stay to myself. im not the outspoken person i use to be. a couple of months ago i start to get sick. i found out i was pregnant. i knew exactly who the father was i jus couldnt accept it because it wasnt by who i wanted it to be by.

i got a abortion & i kept the secret away from every one. after a while teddy started to leave me alone i thouqht it was over, me & jay continued our secret relationship. until the night teddy came to my parents house drunk. blurted out whats been going on & its been 3 weeks now. me & jay havnt been then same & i miss him. im sick again & you readers know what that means. but jay has been acting weird towards me & idk if i should have another abortion or just tell him & be true to myself & not lie to myself & say i dont love him. yes he is the father & i want us to be a family but how is that going to happen ...


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