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      Orphans bf story


my bf told me every thing so ill type t down

i have one friend becuse she is reall not fake. she told me to trust in my heart and if i like a boy she wont interupt but if he hurts me shell kick his ass. eney way he was the bad boy recanized by every person in the school. on time i telked back to the teacher so he gave me a detention thats were me and him first met he was sooo cool. then i nodest he was talking to some person it was orphan. they looked like friends. orphan saw me looking at him so orphan came to me and sat right next to me. i was scared cuase orphan looks kinda scary but orphan wasnt wen we started too talk it was like we now each other for years the the guy he came over after that all 3 of us started to hang out. one day we came over orphans hous and we noticed that orphan lives alone but thats a nother story . orphan left to gets some food so we were left alone i was scared . out of nowere he kissedd me it felt good and then he took of his shirt i told him he shouldt but he kept going and he rapped me. after that orphan came back and saw meabout to cry he punched him in the face and kicked him out so me and orphan talcked and he understood my feelings so he told me never let eney man take evantege of you dosnt matter how you feel about them if you dont want to you dont have to. i still like himbut he just lift after that. orphan told me he lives in NEW YORK and he even put him on the phone me and him talked and im over him now . but somehow my heart still herts


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