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It started Dec. 2, 2001. It was a Sunday evening and I was bored at home. I decided to go on to one of the chat rooms on the net. I was on for a while when I started chatting with him. I felt like we instantly connected. We talked for hours. We had many things in common and we made each other laugh. I gave him my cell number he called me that night and talked some more. He lives in New York and I in Chicago, so I never thought I would fall in love. We talked every day and I fell more and more in love with him each time we talked. He told me he loved me and that one day we would be together. Mind you we had only known each other for 3 months and had seen photos of each other. He was a great person and we enjoyed each other's phone calls. He would send me e-mails telling me how much he loved me and e-cards just to say Hi! Nevertheless, he started speaking of marriage and kids. I being 27 and he 28, we knew we were at an age where it was ok to consider marriage and kids.

It was difficult being in a long distant relationship but we both promised to put our all into this relationship. I spoke to him on a Saturday evening and he told me he loved me and he would call me later that night. The phone call never came. I wasn't worried because I thought maybe he had worked long hours and was tired. I called him Sunday and left him a message. Didn't hear from him that day either. Days passed and no phone call. I finally e-mailed him and it took him a few days to respond. He claims he didn't know what was wrong with him and that the problem was not me. That was March 21, 2002. I have not heard from him again.

I have no idea why or how this could happen. I thought we were happy. It's been close to 2 months and I still can't get over him. My friends tell me to "get over it". That we never met and we were only together 3 months. Love doesn't know time. I had never loved another the way I love him.

How do you get over not knowing why?? You think all is fine and just one day they disappear. I hope this helps those who think they could find true love on the net.


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