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      A Piece of Advice


People are craving to have a partner who is not cheater, loves you truly and will never attempt to hurt you. Is that possible? Let us face the reality in this world that there is no such person who possessed Almighty’s attitudes. Even if a person loves you that much, still there is a time that he/she commits mistakes.

I am a woman who definitely is in love with my boyfriend. I did everything just to please him, without asking in return. At first, I am very confident that he’ll never hurt me, but one night I realized that even a person who is close to God can still commit mistakes. He cheated on me. I was really hurt. I couldn’t believe that he can do such infidelity. He asked me to give him a chance. I gave him that, and I hope that my decision is not right.

No one is perfect, and all of us committed mistakes and will commit someday. The only key for you to overcome from the errors that your partner committed is that pray to up above; because he is the only one can give you peace of mind and give you enough strength to go along the way.

To all lovers out there, I hope you will treasure your partners and never intentionally commit mistakes.


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