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      High Standards


I just finished the worst book I have ever read. It was a fluffy romantic teenage novel with true love and heartbreak. What is the world coming to? My best friend counts her first boyfriend as the boy she held hands with in Kindergarten! Since when is true love something that you find while still in braces and fighting acne? I am sick of the crap that movies and books are putting love up to be, because all of us teenage girls are getting the wrong idea. We think that soon we will find our white knight, and he will be in our Algebra I class. We have this dream idea that there is a guy out there who is exactly what we want, the whole package, with no flaws. But more than that, this perfect boy will love us! He will be able to see past our appearance and love us for who we are. He will have no ulterior motive or want to sleep with us, and we will be together forever. Bullshit. Because here I am, reading these fluffy books that make me want that perfect boy and he is nowhere in sight. Well, what am I going to do if my Algebra I class is full of immature pig-headed boys? Now Iím obviously stuck, I will never find love because I canít find this idolized idea of a boy in my freshman year of school. How are we supposed to handle this? We see all these perfect romances everywhere around us yet we are supposed to settle for ĎBobbyí who really just wants to make-out then dump you for the next girl. How are we ever supposed to find love when our standards are so high that the only people who could meet them are the fictional characters that we base them after?! You may see me as a cynical person, but Iíve been through the heartbreak, I searched for Mr. Perfect for so long, but when he came along he didnít feel the same way about me. Iím sure you are saying Ď oh but you have plenty of time ahead of youí yes, I know this, but now my childhood years are forever tainted by my inability to just have a fling because they donít meet the standards of Hugh Grant or Ashton Kutcher.


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