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It all started when i came down to visit my dad in Texas..Well my sister Jackie which joined to visit my dad had a boyfriend name Daniel and she broke his heart by cheating on him so me and him started talking as friends and ended up being in a relationship i fell in love with him until one day he decided to go back to my sister and after a couple of days he came back to me and a couple days later back to my sister he wanted me back but i decided to end that already til this day i still love him he had moved on but then i guess it didnt work out it hurts to see him moving on..but i cant complain i moved on to Jonathan hes very nice i met him in myspace im willing to be with him until the very end and by that i mean hes not living for long he has a heart problem which i just found out and it hurts me because when that day comes is going to be hard seen him go imagine you going through that:(..well i know i did wrong by going out with my sisters ex and i regret it because he hurt me and i fell in love with him he tells me he still loves me and cares for me but i heard enough i dont believe it at all..but now my goal is to forget him and it will be hard but ill complete it..ill still think of him though..


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