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      My baby forever


when we were young,we were best friends. some reason we havent seen each other for six to seven years. the next time i saw him, i was 13. we got to know each other and we really got along great. the next 2 months he texted me everyday.

the next time i saw him, he bought me a necklace. he told me he loved me and he wanted me. we gave eachother nicknames. he called me his hunnybee. i called him my teddy bear. i went out with him for 2 years. we never wanted to break up but he was moving to new mexico when i stayed in the bay area.

when i was 19 i flew to santa fe. i met up with him at a park. he told me he still loved me. we flew to eachother every 2 months and stayed at eachothers apartments for about 2 weeks.

on my 21st birthday, he stayed with me. 3 days later, he proposed to me.

this day hes giving me his all and im doing the same. true love lasts forever. my baby forever


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