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      I still love you.


Welll, i had this boyfriend, and we were going out, and everything and one time he rang me, and told me to come over to his place, so i went over and everything, and we were just hanging out in his room, when his mum came in and said she was going out to the pub. Meanwhile no one else was home, andd, he asked me to have sex, i said no because i was only 14 and he started to touch me, i was like woah what are you doing? and he was like come on, she wont be back for a few hours, i said i think i should leave now, and he said no and grabbed my hand, he pulled me onto the bed, and tied up my arms, and legs, he ripped of my shirt and took of my shorts, he tapped my mouth up, so i couldnt scream, he started raping me, frontwards and backwards, after he was done, he told me not to tell anyone otherwise he would kill me, i still love him and i always will, he goes by the name of deniss ferguson and my name is tess begg


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