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      Iim sorry


I just wanted to say sorry to those boys I loved before. I never lied my love but I just not that contended of having someone that could understand me all the time. A brief story from my past, it was my ninth boyfriend, he was so sweet, gentle, and he really loves me, my parents know that. But it just happen that Iím not contended in his arms, Iím looking something that I want and I found it in my high school lover which is my sixth boyfriend. Although, his not the typical boy that everybody wants to have, but I love him, I really do but he always take me for granted knowing that I really love him and Iím ready to do all the things that he want but I was tired of loving him without doing anything. So, I decided to replace him with another guy, itís hard for me to move on and I know itís hard for him to accept the fact. I surrender something to my present boyfriend. Every day, I tried to be a good girlfriend and itís very hard for me to pretend that I love my present boyfriend. As days, weeks, and months past by I learned to love him but not the same feeling with my high school lover. My present boyfriend did not know that Iím cheating on him for almost 3months because me and my past were still communicating to each other saying sweet words because I still love him but I donít want to commit again for him. But after 6 months, I honestly shared to my boyfriend that I still love my ex and he broke me up, I also honestly shared to my ex that my ex owned myself and he was very angry and he couldnít accept me anymore. So, I cry and try to kill myself. I know itís a big karma for me but itís a good lesson for me to learn.


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