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      If i had one wish


I have known him ever since I can remember. And ever since I can remember I have had the strongest feelings towards him. He is a country boy and I am a city girl. They were family friend of ours, they had two sons. One an ordinary and boring man and the other, a handsome, sensitive man at heart who captured me with his humour, whit and wonderful personality. He lived on a farm three hours from my home. Our family used to go up there on holidays to escape from our corrupt city lives. At the age of 16 those feelings became real as I matured from a child into a young woman. Those feelings grew stronger and stronger over time and blossomed into a summer romance that would change my life forever. We spent each summer of the year together, we spent the time riding our bikes under the trees and swimming in the local river. But as these unforgettable times came, they slowly disappeared as our families grew apart with our siblings growing older and moving out of home. At the end of our last summer together I think we both came too realised that all good things come to an end. It was time to say goodbye and neither of us knew how long it would be until we saw each other. The thought of leaving him was always hard to handle but not knowing how long it would be scared me so much. That day was one of the hardest moments of my life still to this day. We hugged each other not wanting it to end, he whispered in my ear, ĎĎIf I had one wish' whilst holding back the tears unable to continue I gave him a kiss on the cheek that reassured him I felt the same way. We parted ways and at that moment it felt like there was a huge hole in my chest, I felt half empty like something had disappeared in me. He sent me letters telling me how much he missed me and how he so longed for my company. After a few months the time between these letters grew longer and soon after the messages stopped. I feared that he had forgotten about me and that he had found a new girl. So I went on with my life trying to forget him but unable to with recurring flashbacks of those days at the farm that were triggered by familiar situations. I was unable to be in a relationship with another man because I just could not stop thinking about him. When I reached the age of eighteen I obtained my licence and realised I was free to do what I wanted. That was all I had longed for, Freedom. So without giving him any notice I left all of my fears and worries at home and drove to the farm. Halfway through the drive I stopped and almost fainted because I panicked and was so confused with myself and what I was doing. I questioned myself thinking, what if he has a girlfriend? What if he doesnít feel anything for me anymore after all of these years? But I thought to myself, Iím halfway there now, thereís no turning back. Once I arrived at the farm I pulled up under the oak tree that bought back so many memories. I slowly walked through the front yard and to the door. I knocked with my hands shaking and my heart pounding. But no one answered. A wave of relief came over me but soon after that an enormous feeling of disappointment. i then heard a car driving up the back lane. My heart soon began to race fast again. The car soon came to a stop and pulled up right next to my car. A tall tanned man with sun bleached blonde hair jumped out of the car. He stood there unable to say a word just like me. We looked at each other up and down noticing the changes that the time bought over the years. His muscles, his tanned skin, and his strong facial features that didnít appear to resemble a boy anymore, he was now a man and I was a woman.

I am now 26 and as happy as I could ever be. I am pregnant with my first child living on a farm with my handsome husband whose wish had come true.

If you love someone and they love you back please donít give up under any circumstance. It may be the last chance for true love you get.


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