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      Confusion Triggers


I have a boyfriend at this moment, and we are more than 1 year already. Earlier days, I am very confident that he is not like some other guys who are born cheaters. I trust him a lot as he keeps on telling me to trust him because he will never attempt to hurt me nor cheat on me. I did trust him, and I gave love and will love him forever (that was before). When I found out that he did something foolish, infidelity strikes him, I was really shocked. I couldnít imagine he can do such thing. I cried and cried, and asked myself how could he do that thing to me? I never attempt to hurt nor cheat him. I did everything just to please him. Iíve been a perfect girlfriend to him. Well, thatís my opinion, because I donít know whatís on his mind.

Right after that night, we have a heart to heart talk. I told him everything I donít like about him. He asked forgiveness, and promised not to do it again. I accepted his apology, but the trust that I gave to him before is not the same anymore. Until now, I canít move on. His infidelity still lingers on my mind. I want to break him up and love myself again, but I canít do any. The thought that Iíll be moving with my life without him makes me sick, and my heart torn into pieces.

I really want to have my life back without him, but I canít seem to imagine without him in my life. I know time will tell if we will still be on each othersí hand. For now, I am praying that God will give me enough strength and show me the right way.


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