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      I love you till the end ....


I remember inhaling your warm breath that keeps me alive, feeling the last touch of your soft skin, smelling your perfume that makes me wonder between your arms, the place I always wanted to be, the place I call home.

As I set beside you, seeing your beautiful face shining on mines, my smile rises for the first time since the morning, I close my eyes and lied beside you, staying close enough, fearing from the small distance that keeps us apart.

I finally spoke ďoh how much I love you, with every piece in my heart, oh how much I missed you, I just wanted to remind you. I had a long day yesterday of course without you around my beloved one. I kept walk, wondering when you might show up and secure me from that wild world, wondering when you will pull me out from that dark place that invaded my soul. Imagining the time when you whipped of my tears with your incredible touch and your voice whispering ďitíll be alright, donít you cry, donít you shed a tear, Iíll always be here, together will vanish all your fearsĒ. Oh how much I truly miss you my love, I just wanted to remind you.

I lock myself between the walls of the place I donít call home; afraid to face the world without you here to lead my way, as I am to you a new born, blind from reality, feels lost and uncomfortable without your warmth surrounding me. I wrap myself in your cloth to take the last smell before it fade away. You donít know how much I needed you; you donít know how much the depression had felled the days of my life. I am a body without a soul, without you holding me and leading my way through the path of life. My senses are fading away since I no longer require as your presence doesnít exists anymore. With every beat in my heart it calls out I love you.

Life had ended, from the day you left, even though youíre just a memory, I know youíll always be standing right next to me, your love showed me everything. I have cried my eyes out and now I have to face the years.

The darkness had fell the place now, know its time for me to go, I hope I can spend my days here beside you, but I know itís soon. Iíll come tomorrow, just like today and yesterday and just like the past two years. I love you, just wanted to remind you. Maybe one day I can stay forever beside you and together we can watch the new moon of everyday, itís just a matter of time.Ē

I lifted my body strongly from the ground, breaking the magnate between our bond, that only death had weakened it but couldnít erase it. I brushed away the dust covering your name and planted your favorite white roses beside you. Prayed from god, to bless your pure soul and now Iíll just have to face that sad world alone again, but I know youíll always be around me. I love you till the end, just wanted to remind you for the last time. Be safe were ever you are.


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