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      Tik tik tik who knock my heart door? u?!


once thr lived a person called haritha, she met one person thr matrimony,at first talk itself she likes him,she is peotric,honest and very jovial.. when she fell in love she forgot evythg besides her.. she wrote so many peoms shall i one now...

tik tik tik who knock my heart door? you?!

lub dub dub for whom its make a sound? for u?!

chuk chuk chuk who is coming into my heart home? u?!

muh muh muh who r trying to kiss me you?

zig zig zig who makes my heart home beautiful? u?

true true true who makes my love true u?! yaa surely you no doubt abt it...

she fell in love deeply, its strongly tied with heart... we cant explain tat love, she couldnt live even oneday with out talk to him, do u know? she never sees him, he also love her.. one day after 3month he made a call and told to her, my parent doesnt agree to marry u? its very east to him, bez he is practicle, he can handle anythg, but she was not able to bear that, she cried and cried... the pain its just like hell and thr is nothing more that pain.. God knew how she cried.... finally he left her, but still she loves him.. he is very far from him... we can reach only by flight, how can she go frds? she is very pure.. now she is loving her career after 1yr she want to go thr and want to see him...... because of that she did somany for him, she changes her lifestyle... still story is continue....... lets wait and see wht will happd? frds bless her


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