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As i lay down on the floor and cry for him not to leave me he looks at me and walks out the door i say babe please dont leave me but eh leaves me alone as i sit in the dark and cry and feel the pain from my heart i miss him odde and feel so weak in my kness i say im not a princess and i say is diss a fairy tale he comes back in i juss sit there he says nena whats wrong i say babe please leave me alone he walks and changes into his pjs ad i just sit there and he comes and hold me and cry im like babe why did u leavee me alone with no one told hold he says babe im here im sorry i juss cry more and start to bleed i relazie it comming from when i cut myself and he wipes the blood on his shirt and says baby im sorry that your hurt and i wanna feel the pain and hurt so i cry in his arms till the sun rise and i go to sleep and wake up with him next to me saying baby dont leae me


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