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      A love story that never was


It hurts to love n to loose , but it hurts more wen u love but cant say n cant share the feelings wid anybody , its like the silent cries from within …which breaks one’s heart everyday n yet u look so composed n so full of life to the outer world……..u will never understand , why cant one express the feelings..why cant one give it a try …..n tht too knowing tht the one u love loves u even more..its a difficult situation…call me crazy call me mad, but life’s like tht..not tht I’m not happy wid life …but loosing 1st love s da worst thing ..its sumthing like u cant forget not in ur life time ….n da feeling is so haunting , I wonder it’s the same for other person too..or its jus me , wotever…he will never know I loved him frm da core of my heart ..i fell for him da very moment I saw him..n no it was not infatuation …..coz so many yrs have past n I still love him,, the very moment he got down frm the car ,his eyes met mine n time stood still..may b jus for nano seconds n my heart skipped a beat n den it startd beating faster …his so boyish look n thosesilky tresses swept me out of my feet , n I could see the same feelings in his it love at first sight ..though I did not bliee in it but its true ……..the weather too was adding to da romance in the air …….it had rained all nite n was still raining n we were off for a picnic trip with all my frens n yes dis stranger ,one of my frens buddy …….the picnic location was perfect..scenic beauty , lush green trees,water fall amongst the rocks n jungle ..a perfect place for a date n then we talked n talked n forgot bout all my frens ……we gelled so well n we become gud frens jus in few hrs n I loved him even more…Punjabi delhi ka munda ,good looking, intelligent,sober, friendly n fun loving .my sort of guy !!! he was all for me too …could sense it easily n I was on cloud nine ……….not tht I had any less fan following in da college campus ..but he was my mr. perfect.aftr returning to hostel ..we parted .though I wanted to stay wid him a l’il longer ..but anyways …..back in da room ..all my frens were talking bout him ..n guessing whom did he like da most …n I knew it from all my heart it was me ..i was overjoyed n was jumping wid joy in my room n thanking god again n again for making him like me amongst all…n den da routine began ..him coming to our hostel almost every evening wid my other frens ..n in few days it was obvious to everyone tht he liked me ……..we met again n again ..but with the whole group…I was a very shy kind of gurl ….who thought too much bout ppl around ….so used to meet in group only n never dared to share my frens teased me n asked me about my likings for him but I denied straightaway. N den our xams came n we were bout to finish off our studies n leave da campus….der was pain all around..of leaving the hostel,college n frens…n him …but sumhow he gathered courage n proposed me on a date …my heart ached I wantd to say yes but I said no…keeping in mind my parents , family n society I belongd to ……….i wantd to be with him but couldn’t ..there was no match to the society he belongd to n the place I came from ..he a big city boy n me a gurl from a small district . I was scared of going against my family n all but I was so naďve tht time to think tht love endures all ,conquers all. I had made up my mind tht I n da place I belongd to was no match to him ..n said tht he certainly deserves sumone better.not tht my heart didn’t ache ..i could see his hands tremble ..n feel my heart shatter n tears rolled down my first date of my life was over n was a date to remember …my first love of my life was lost too soon……n then we parted ways ..only to know a few days back tht he is engaged to a girl he loves so much… my heart ached …….lucky girl..he could have been mine , but lost him forever ….but I’m happy for him or so I would have to say coz he got someone better than me ..i jus wish him all da happiness in his life tht he truly deserve..n It feels great to know tht I was loved by such a gem of person once upon a time .


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