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      Victim of happenstance


I've always believed in the magic of random events but hadn't experienced it so violently until this one time.

Let me enlighten you...

I received an e-mail from a girl one day that I didn't know. It was an energetic statement, sent out to her friends, explaining her feelings over her just missing the favourite band when they where in the city.
She was someone that I'd never even heard of and since my curiosity never dies, I of course answered her letter, wanting to know who this fiery, disappointed woman was.

We started our mail-conversation and found out that we had common friends and interests but of some strange nick of fate, we hadn't met until now. Just a misspelled mail address away.

That's the first happenstance for you.

The next is that after a while, I had gotten to know her a lot better and I started to feel those "feelings" coming closer, you know what I mean.
I made a blunt attempt of asking her out. Those work the best. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend. And though their relationship weren't the greatest, she wanted to give it a shot and patch it up. But she was very clear to let me know that I was great and it was absolutely nothing wrong with me.

Her boyfriend dumped her that week-end...

If times had been different and I had waited a few days, our whole situation would've looked entirely different. Now we where just great friends and that way it would stay.

All because of happenstance.

After a while when she had recovered from her dumping, we were getting closer again, and I was at a party at her apartment. There I met a great woman who I was to be together with during a year...

What had happened if that girl wouldn't have been at the first girls party? No one knows...


The original girl and I are getting even closer now and for the first time ever during our 2 years knowing each other, we are running the same phase.

I'm just a bit worried what fate has in store for me next time around...

Yours Truly.



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