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      MY DESTINY. maybe. i wish.


Everybody fall in love, everybody has first love, and especially, everybody gets hurt!

Here’s a story to tell:

There is a girl named Angel. She use to get hurt by her loved one, because when she love? She gives her whole heart. She has this guy whom she thought will love her very much. Until one day, the boy run, and joined other woman’s life. That’s why, Angel became a man hater!

Angel use to go to school. She was 1st year High School then, it was the first day of school. New classmates, new life. There’s this boy tall, dark, and…. Not so handsome. But Angel didn’t mind him. Angel was at the pilot section of the level, while that guy? Oh. He’s in the lower section. But, very surprisingly, that guy was transferred to the second section because he was included on the top, he’s grades was high. Anyway, the guy’s name was Ronnie. Ronnie is sweet. That’s why everybody loves him. Especially Ms. Cherry, she is very close to Angel. After a week, scouting was introduced to them. There are two sections needed to complete scouting classes. Maybe, it was destiny’s way to have the class of Angel and Ronnie paired. But the boys are separated from the girls, that’s why Angel did not meet Ronnie. After scouting, it was lunch time. Angel has a friend named John. John was slightly gay… and he likes Ronnie. John told Angel about Ronnie, he told her that Ronnie was sweet, kind, loving, cute, but.. not that handsome. But when Angel heard about it? It seems like she’s not interested at all. Angel just keep her eyes rolling. And suddenly, Ronnie came and walk towards John. That’s the time when John told Angel that it is the guy, he pointed his finger directly to Ronnie. Angel was shocked and felt butterflies flying in her stomach. But, she didn’t mind it. She told herself: “can’t you get it? If you fall in love with that guy you might get hurt again! And perhaps, there are many girls who will love him.” Since then, when John use to fight Angel, Angel always told John that he will get Ronnie. Surprisingly, John will stop fighting her. But for Angel, it is just a joke. She knew that she will never ever fall in love in that guy! Until one day.. Angel, John, and their other friends were happily eating in a small stall near their school. Suddenly, there’s Ronnie, with his friend, asking Angel’s name. Angel and John was shocked. Angel do hate guys! Remember?! That’s why Angel told John to create a name for her, OTHER NAME! so, John told Ronnie the “fake name” of Angel. But, Ronnie was not contented, he wants to get the cell number of Angel. And for the first time.. Angel spoke with Ronnie in front of her. Angel told Ronnie that her phone is not working. But honestly.. Her phone was in her pocket. After that, Angel leave, and John followed her. John asked Angel why she keeps on pushing Ronnie away. And angel said: “It’s hard, but it’s even harder if I get hurt again.” And angel walked towards the gate of the school. Days had passed by, but every time Ronnie sees Angel, he never forgot to greet her like good morning, good afternoon, hi, bye, and seriously? Angel used to be irritated. Weeks had past, and Ronnie stopped greeting Angel, even if Angel is in front of him already. And for Angel, it’s like she had lost a part of her life. But, Angel did not mind it. Months had past, then suddenly, Angel’s health teacher called her, and told Angel that she will be her mentor and angel was happy for that. On the other class (Ronnie’s class), there’s this Social Studies teacher who needed a mentor. She based it by recitation, she asked a question based on the future lessons, Ronnie knows the answer because something has pushed him to read books last night, so he recited. But he never expected that he will become the mentor of the Social Studies.

One day, while having a class and getting bored, there was an announcement that there will be a mentor’s orientation at 1:30 in the IMC that afternoon. Angel and her other classmates were happy because they will be excused to their classes, BORING CLASSES! It’s already 1:30, but the subject teacher wants to finish her discussion, so they let her. The discussion was finished at 1:40, so they have to run because they are 10 minutes late. At the IMC, there are so many people, and there are no vacant chairs. They were formed by year level. Angel was surprised when she saw Ronnie. Ronnie stood up and gave his seat to Angel. But, Angel did not talk to her, instead Angel seated at the floor with her classmates. Surprisingly, Ronnie and his friend sat on the floor too! And Ronnie stared at Angel, Angel was irritated. But, quite happy to think that her life is complete, that the missing part of her life was there once again. Ronnie was near Angel, they are two people apart. One was a friend of Angel and the other was a friend of Ronnie, they are Kisha and Joey. Joey asked Kisha everything about Angel, and he also told Kisha that Ronnie wants to meet her friend, Angel. So, Kisha called Angel and said: “Angel, meet Ronnie, Ronnie, this is Angel, my friend.” Angel just looked at Ronnie, Ronnie smiled but Angel just ignored him. Kisha whispered at Angel and said: “ Could you just say hi? Don’t be that snobbish”. So, Angel looked at Ronnie and said “Hi”. But for the very first time, Ronnie ignored Angel. Angel was shocked and again—IRRITATED! For Angel? Ronnie was the biggest disturbance in her whole life! After that orientation was their dismissal time. Since Angel’s house was near the school, Angel’s friend- Venice asked her if it’s okay if she will stay at their house for a moment, and Angel agreed. There are no people in the house. So, Angel just asked Venice if she could borrow her cell phone. Venice agreed and she lend it to Angel. Angel’s intention was just to look at Venice’s gallery, but since the scroll is very slippery, Angel pushed the scroll down and the number of Ronnie appeared. Then, Angel asked Venice who is that Ronnie referred to in that number. To her surprise, Venice said that it was the guy at the IMC. All she have in mind was to fool him in text, so, she get his number and text him. But, she think she had a wrong timing. After Angel had said her name, Ronnie felt the warmth of a friend, so, he shared with Angel that he has a family problem. She admit it, she was sad when she heard it and felt the sadness. So, she just thought of some advice. On the next day, Angel saw Ms. Cherry and Ronnie talking. Since Angel was close to Ms. Cherry, she decided to visit her in her vacant time, so it was dismissal time then. She asked Ms. Cherry about the assignment. In Angel’s mind she wants to know about Ronnie, but, she is shy to tell it to Ms. Cherry, so, she just forget about it. That night, remembering the heartaches she had gone through, she prayed and said: “Lord please. Please give me someone that I can lean on through my hard times. Whoever he is, he will give me a hint, he will call me “bestfriend” on any month of the year but on the 12th day of the month.” Without expecting, Angel received a text message from Ronnie: “how’s my bestfriend?” he said. Angel replied and said: “Are you my bestfriend? Since when?”, and Ronnie replied: “now? Because you know all my problems”. Angel was happy knowing that, but she forgot about the sign. Then, her mother asked her the date. She was very very shocked because when she checked on her calendar, she saw that it was the 12th of January. Since then, they shared everything, especially their problems. They always make each other happy. Then, they realize that they are being so much close to each other. After that, to Angel’s surprise, Ronnie texted her and said: “Angel, I want you to meet my girlfriend this afternoon”. Even though she’s hurt, she went to the place to meet her bestfriend’s girlfriend…. Sandra. At that time, Angel don’t know what’s going on but.. she felt something she haven’t felt before, it’s worse than the last time she got hurt. So, she decided to go to Ms. Cherry and said: “Ms. Can you find me a guy? Who will be there, and will be my inspiration and someone who will make me feel happy?” And miss Cherry asked her to wait for a few minutes. She had someone to call for Angel. After a few minutes, Ms. Cherry called Angel, when Angel get up, she saw Ronnie standing, and Ms. Cherry said: “WOW! What a perfect fit! Ronnie, meet Angel, Angel, this is Ronnie.” Angel go back at the room, and Ms. Cherry talked for Ronnie for awhile, she said: “You know what, Ronnie? I think you and Angel will be a great Lovers! Your both sweet”. And then Ronnie looked at Angel and said: “I know her. She’s my bestfriend” then, Ms. Cherry told Ronnie to go back to his room. Ms. Cherry went to Angel, Angel said: “Miss, I don’t think he’s the right one. He has a girlfriend”. And Ms. Cherry replied: “why? Had they gone through marriage? And, wait, who is his girlfriend anyways?” Angel told Ms. Cherry that it was Sandra. And Angel was shocked in what Ms. Cherry had just said. Ms. Cherry told Angel that Sandra has other guy. Angel don’t know what to do, she wanted to tell it to Ronnie, but she’s afraid of what might happen. So, she pretended that she don’t know anything. One day, Ronnie called at Angel’s house. He shared something.. something that he’s bringing in his life everyday, he was blaming his self for the loss of his brother. His brother died because of an accident. One day, while they are playing., a dirty ice cream came, and his brother run, he tried to stop his brother, but it’s late. His brother bumped on the floor and unfortunately, the tongue of his brother was sliced, he tried to call his parent’s right away, they brought him to the hospital, but again, time was very short, unfortunately, his brother died. He was very depressed of what had happen, because of much depression, it results to asthma, all this time after so many years, he was blaming his self for everything. That’s why Angel comforted him, and explained to him that it’s not his fault at the first place. That maybe, it’s just the time of his brother and his brother’s mission was already done. At the next day, it was Recess time when angel met her past classmates Cloe and Jenny who is the present classmate of Ronnie. Cloe and Jenny asked Angel if he is the girlfriend of Ronnie, Angel said: “no. were just bestfriends.” And Cloe and Jenny said: “we thought you are the one.” Angel don’t know why they are thinking that way. It was CL time when Ms. Peddy asked Angel who is the most important person to her. After Angel had answered the question, Ms. Peddy shared something that caught everyone’s attention. Ms. Peddy said: “ you know what? Angel, when I was at the room of Ronnie, I asked him that question too. And he said that his bestfriend was the very important person to him, and when I asked him who is it, he is very proud of you. He said your full name, not just your full name, also your section.” And angel was very happy for it. After that, Angel bumped to Sandra. And Sandra said: “your Ronnie’s bestfriend, right?” and she said yes, then walk away after. It’s lunch time already, Angel was with her friends, then suddenly, there is Sandra.. staring at her, after a few seconds, Sandra and her friends went up. Then, Angel got a phone call w/ unknown number. She answered it, but there is no one answering, there’s just girls laughing, so she hung her phone up. After that, Ronnie went to Angel’s classroom to talk to Angel, Ronnie said: “Angel, what’s wrong w/ you? Sandra told me that you’re staring at her. Then, she had a phone call, and she thinks it’s you, is everything alright?” Angel said: “I didn’t do anything, just tell your girlfriend that I don’t want to mess up with her”. Then days had past, Ronnie was texting, but Angel did not mind him. One day, Ronnie went to the classroom of Angel and said: “Angel, I know the truth, she confess about it.” So, again, everything falls in line. Before Ronnie’s examination, Angel and her classmates are done. They were just in the classroom, and it’s their last day, it was the completing of clearance for the other section. When Angel was called at the office, so she need to pass the corridor, when Angel was passing Sandra, Sandra insulted Angel and Ronnie heard it. Ronnie stopped Sandra and asked for forgiveness to Angel. After that, Angel went up, Ronnie go to Angel’s classroom and said: “It is your last day in school, keep in touch.” Then on summer vacation, he texted Angel saying he and his girlfriend broke up. Then, one of his friends told him that there are other guy who is commited to his girlfriend while they are having an affair. She told him that she knew it too, Ronnie get angry because Angel didn’t say it at first, but.. Ronnie realized that it is for his own good too. That maybe, Angel just want him to be happy, and do not feel hurt. They became very close to each other, and after three months, they have their mutual understanding, but, they never have a relationship. But they show each other much affection. At their second year life, Ronnie never forgot to visit Angel in her classroom. At the morning, every recess, every lunch time, and even dismissal. The teachers know everything about them, especially Ms. Pearl. She told Angel that at the moment they don’t have classes, Ronnie is always telling the class a story about them. One time, while having exams, Angel was told to go to Ronnie’s room for some corrections. Surprisingly, Ronnie used to do the same thing. So they saw each other. After doing their work, Angel was about to go back to her room. When someone shouted “I love you Angel”, then Angel was shocked and told Ronnie to go back to his room. After taking the exams, Angel saw a girl and the girl asked: “are you Angel?”. Angel said yes, and the girl laugh and said: “you’re very lucky, Ronnie is very proud of having you. His voice is echoing at the whole floor.” Angel was happy to know that. It was Angel’s birthday then, and her father wished that he wanted to meet Ronnie. Ronnie texted Angel that he can’t come beacause he has a practical exam making pasta. Then Angel told that to her father, her father was disappointed , and so Angel ‘s friends went to their school to pick Ronnie. So, when Ronnie went to Angel’s house, his hands was full of dough. Angel was shocked when she saw Ronnie, and her father was happy to see the guy his daughter was talking to all the time. Ronnie told his name to Angel’s father and blessed at him. But, Ronnie needs to go, so Angel let him.. Angel knew that Ronnie cannot come back because he has a training after his exams, she knows that Ronnie will be tired. Hours had past and someone hugged Angel, it was Nerissa, Angel’s friend who has gotten into a training also. A few minutes after, her classmates were laughing, and she doesn’t know why. Then, Angel looked at the door, she was surprised to see Ronnie talking to her father. Angel was very happy to see that her mother who is not approved to the ‘thing’ they had offered a seat to Ronnie, and said: “have you eaten already?” made Angel’s birthday PERFECT! There is Ms. Cherry too! Ms. Cherry was happy for them, they all celebrate the party well. Ronnie and Angel sang a song. Days had past and one issue had tested their trust. One guy, who is a classmate of Ronnie told Angel that Ronnie said “I love you” to their classmate. That guy who told Angel was the boyfriend of her friend.. Ronnie was on a training that day, not knowing that Angel is crying very hard, and hating him for what he has done. So, Angel’s friend run and went to the gym to go to Ronnie. When they have gotten to the gym, they saw Ronnie playing, and they said: “Ronnie! It’s about Angel…….”. After hearing that, Ronnie threw the ball without asking Angel’s friend what’s going on. He ran, climbed the stairs, with his sweat falling and his foot aching. Ronnie did not mind all that just to find Angel. Then, he saw Angel, sitting and crying. Ronnie sat with Angel and said: “why are you crying?, what’s wrong?”. Angel said: “what’s wrong? It’s you Ronnie!” and Ronnie repled: “why? Tell me.”, “somebody had told me that you said ‘I love you’ to your dearest classmate!” Angel said. “who told that to you? Your friends boyfriend? Alright, I admit it. I’ve done it, but it was just a joke. You know that I will never love her, and I will never replace you to that girl.” Ronnie replied. The fight went on and on. And suddenly, knowing their negative sides, one joke from Ronnie made Angel smile, and they finish their problems. Suddenly, the girlfriend of the guy who told that to Angel showed up and talk to Ronnie, She just explained it to Ronnie, but to Ronnie, it seems like she’s blaming him for what had happened, and un-intentionally, he said something. Ronnie said: “Don’t judge me, don’t act as if you know everything. Why? Do you know what’s your guy is doing when you’re not around?” but Ronnie didn’t mean to say any word of it. The girl cried and Angel told Ronnie to just go back to his training. Then, the boyfriend of the girl came. The guy was shocked seeing his girlfriend crying, he asked what’s going on, and the girl said everything, the guy was very angry. Actually, he was about to go to Ronnie. But, timely Ronnie came. The guy stared at him and said: “what’s your problem?” Ronnie replied: “nothing! What’s your problem?” and the guy said: “why did you tell that to my girlfriend?” and Ronnie replied: “she’s judging me, she has no right to do that, perhaps, I’d only said the reality!”. The fights get hotter that they are about to punch each other’s faces. The guy was about to wait for Ronnie to finish his training, but luckily, his girlfriend told them that they should go home, so they got home. Ronnie’s training was done and Angel talked to him. They fixed their problems, and Ronnie decided that he will be sorry for what he had done and will ask for apology the next morning, so the fight was off. One week after, Ronnie gave Angel something, a pendant. Ronnie said: “please take care of it. I said that I would give this to someone who will make me happy and it’s you. Please wear it everyday, I would check on it.” And Angel was happy to see it. Angel smiled and said thank you to Ronnie. But two weeks later, Ronnie texted Angel and said: “I love you”. Angel replied and joked, she said: “wrong sent?” surprisingly, Ronnie replied: “what if, it is?”. Angel was shocked and her tears fell from her eyes. Then Ronnie texted and said: “Angel, I love you, I really really do, but there is someone who made me feel my worth, I don’t know why, but, I think I’m falling for her. I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you”. Angel hated Ronnie for that, but she ignored what she feel, she said to Ronnie that it’s okay, but deep inside? Her heart was bleeding. Angel’s eyes turns red because of ultimate crying. After a few minutes of talking, they have decided to just go back to where they have started, they became bestfriends again. Sharing their life, but not closer as before. Angel have decided to stay far from Ronnie. One time, while Angel was passing at the corridor, she was surprised when someone jumped of her and hold her tight. And that guy said: “angel, how are you?” with a smile in his face, it was Ronnie. Angel was shocked so she just snab her ‘bestfriend’ and went down. In her house, she saw the pendant and threw it away, after an hour, angel decided to clean her cabinet, and she was very surprised when she saw the pendant in her cabinet. After that day, Angel decided to give it back to Ronnie, and some words from Ronnie made Angel’s tears fall. Ronnnie said: “no. keep it. It’s really for you, you deserve it.” Then Ronnie walked away. Two months later, it was family rosary crusade. Ronnie and his family was assigned to be the first mystery, while Angel’s family was at the second mystery, Venice was there too. Venice and his family was assigned to be the third mystery. One day, they are told to go to their practice, Angel and Venice was asked to call all the mystery leaders. So ronnie was included, the others are not permitted, so they just called Ronnie. Ronnie was excused in his class, and for the first time AGAIN, Ronnie and Angel was together. Ronnie asked Angel and said: “how are you?” Angel replied and said: “I’m fine, you?” Ronnie said he’s fine too. Angel asked Ronnie about his heart, and Ronnie said: “it’s okay, I’m happy with my girl, you?” Angel said: “I’m happy with my new boy too.” Ronnie was shocked, but for Angel, it’s just a joke, she just wanted to see Ronnie’s reaction then Ronnie asked who is that guy.. then Angel said a name that would really make Ronnie jealous, Angel said “Karlo.” And Ronnie said: “oh? Your crush huh?” Angel proudly said yes. After that, they are in the auditorium, there is no people there, so they transferred into the chapel, while walking, they are happy like hitting each other, laughing and especially? BEING SWEET. At the chapel, Ronnie and Angel was shocked when they saw Ronnie’s mother, Mrs. Veronica. Ronnie was asked to seat in front because all the child who has their parents was seated on the first row, so, Ronnie and Angel was separated. Angel is looking somewhere else while Ronnie is looking at her, Angel did not know that Ronnie is looking at her, Angel was looking at something while thinking of the old times they have together- with Ronnie. And Ronnie was thinking of Angel’s smile when they are together. Then Mrs. Veronica notice it. Mrs. Veronica asked Ronnie who is that girl, then Ronnie reeplied that it is Angel, his bestfriend. Mrs. Veronica was shocked and she said: “oh! It’s her! The one that you are telling me all the time!” suddenly, Angel noticed the Ronnie was looking at her so she looked at Ronnie to, then, Mrs. Veronica smiled at Angel and said hello. Angel replied Mrs. Veronica’s approach, then she looked at Ronnie, and they stared with each other for many seconds but Angel looked down and breathe heavily, after that was their dismissal, Angel buyed a lace for her pendant. While in the tricycle, the pendant fell off of the lace, and Angel get very disappointed, beacause of that, she wanted to rest. So, she just open her closet to get some shirt. After opening, she is very shocked for what she has seen, she saw his pendant in her closet! It made her freak out but she was happy for seeing it. After that day, Joey(Ronnie’s bestfriend) went to the classroom of Angel to visit his Girlfriend,Ellia. Then, Joey called Angel and said: “you know what? Everytime Ronnie see Karlo, He will stare at him, he will call me, and he will tell me that it is your boyfriend, is that true?”. Angel told Joey the truth, that it is not really true, then Joey laugh very hard. One recess time, Angel testifies it herself. Angel was with her bestfriend, Sherlie, when they saw Karlo. And Ronnie was there too, with Joey. Angel saw Ronnie looking at Karlo very straight. It was like every single move of Karlo was seen. Then, Angel and Sherlie pass towards Ronnie, Sherlie teased Ronnie and said: “Hey! He might get melted!” And Joey laugh while Angel pulled Sherlie away. Then after that , they are like children walking away from each others looks. After 5 months, Angel was very close to Joey, then, Joey courted Angel. After a month, They had become Lovers, but, honestly? Angel still loves Ronnie, even though there’s Joey already. But, he loved Joey too. But, not as much as she loved Ronnie. After a day, Ronnie heard of it, Joey told him. He just keep quiet and told Joey to never hurt Angel’s feelings. Joey told it to Angel. And Angel was touched hearing that, she wanted to go to Ronnie, but she can’t. There is Joey waiting for her, and there is Demy waiting for Ronnie. After slight a month, Angel realized that she love Ronnie more, so she decided to walk away from Joey’s life. Weeks had past, and Joey asked for second chance to straighten the curls they have in life. They are together again. since they are second year students, they have to answer NAT examinations, girls are separated from the boys, the room of Ronnie was the first to be done compared to the room of Angel. Angel was done answering, and when she looked at the door, there was Ronnie, waving his hands, smiling and saying hi to Angel, Angel was shocked and she smiled to, after that, Angel looked straight, and she was surprised that everyone is looking at her, including their proctor! She was very shy, she almost fell off in her chair, but she’s happy. It’s their dismissal time already, she went down, she saw Ronnie there, looking at her, but Ronnie walk away. To her surprise Ronnie went to tell Joey that Angel was there. Angel felt sad about that, she doesn’t know what’s going on with her, but, she didn’t feel happy. Then Ronnie and Joey went infront of her and Ronnie said: “Joey, your girl is very naughty an hour before.” Angel replied and said: “hey! You’re the one who has been naughty an hour before, infact you’re the one who is going to my room!” Joey was shocked but Ronnie did not mind him, Ronnie smiled and hit Angel’s head. Angel was hurt so she fight back, she hit Ronnie’s head too then smiled. Joey stopped them and they walk away. Days had past and Demy Replaced Ronnie with another guy. Ronnie was hurt then. But there is someone he could count on too, it was Arian. So, they bacame lovers, after a few days, Joey realized that Angel still loves Ronnie, so, he let her go. Angel have her unli calls then she had no one to talk to, she called Ronnie, Ronnie answered it and they have a fun time laughing and talking with each other, they are teasing each other about their physical form. Then they talked about their lovelife. Then, Ronnie told Angel that he had regrets of not knowing Arian love her even though she has a lover, after hearing that, Ronnie joked Angel and said: “it’s your fault, you have gotten half of my second year life, I have regrets that……”. But Angel get it seriously she didn’t allow Ronnie to finish speaking, she said loudly: “is that so? I’m really sorry!” then, she hung up the phone, Ronnie texted her and said: “hey, I was just joking!is that the proper way of talking? You hung up the phone while I was talking to you! I never do that to you, I know I have hurt you, but if we were talking I always make you finish your words first!” Angel replied: “but you told me you have regrets! Whaaaat? Of having me? I hate you!” then Ronnie said: “ what are you talking about?! I said I have regrets of not knowing what she felt for me! But I never said that I have regrets of having YOU in my life! I have loved you! You know that!”. Angel felt the guilt. So, she apologized for what happened. Luckily, Ronnie accepted her apology. After a few days, before their vacation. Angel was done having exams, while Ronnie have to complete their clearance. Angel was on the floor because the chair of their room was arranged. Ronnie knocked at the door because he was looking for Angel’s adviser, some of Angel’s classmates answered Ronnie’s question, but Angel did not mind him. Angel did not know that Ronnie stayed outside her classroom. Until, Kisha called Angel and said: “Angel! Look!” and Kisha pointed the window, Angel saw Ronnie was there. Ronnie called Angel and Angel went outside, Angel asked Ronnie why , and Ronnie said: “nothing. Your gaining weight!!! Hahaha!” Angel looked at Ronnie and said: “WOW!, hmm.. I’m used to seeing a boastful charcoal like you! Hahaha!” then Angel smiled. Ronnie laughed very hard then one teacher saw him so the teacher told Ronnie to go back to his room. Ronnie looked at Angel and they smiled at each other. Days had past, Angel have no news about Ronnie. A few days later, Angel and her cousin decided to make a rosary, Angel made a rosary with the pendant of Ronnie on it. Angel wears it everyday. One day, Angel and her friends decided to go to a mall. Angel wears the Rosary, but, while walking, Angel lost the pendant, it falls and she doesn’t know where to find it. Angel tried to look for it, but, she didn’t saw it. So, she had lost her hope of finding it, she’s very worried because she thinks that Ronnie might get angry to her. At Angel’s house, Angel had unwear her Rosary and left it on her closet, after a few weeks, she tried to check on it. Angel was surprised when she saw the pendant attached into her bracelet. After that, Angel never let that pendant to be lost again. After a few weeks, Arian and Ronnie broke up. Ronnie and Angel became so close to each other again.. they were very happy having each other., After a few months, it was the first day of school again, when they bumped at each other, they smiled at each other like they really miss each other, after that. They walk together and they have each other in each others arms and they promise not to lose each other again. 

At this story.. they have hurt each other’s feelings, but.. destiny have done it’s part. Destiny do it’s way to have the two meet again in a very simple way..



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