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ok im going to be honest, i fell in love with this girl, mya, and im a girl to. we dated for 9 months. she was like insanely in love with me but, then out of nowhere she dumped me and said its a sin, she goes to church now, i didnt want to get in the way of her religion so i left her alone, yeah i am depressed because i really loved her, but.....since i havent talked to her in a month, →i just talked to her yesterday and she said she loves me and being with me is a sin, okokok. i get that but...she wants to be with me, she tells everyone that. like before she broke up with me she “vowed” not to dump me. and wen we were talikng yesterday i told her it was ok that she left me. i was like you wanted to get closer to god,so you left me. and she said well i loved you first. and its not fair.

im confused, little advice?


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